Blogging is Morning, Writing is Evening

I was afraid that when I got involved with writing my new novel I would have to stop blogging, but here I am. I discovered that blogging and writing are two entirely different types of composition, using different parts of my brain, so one does not supersede the other.

Blogging is my morning writing, which I do on the computer. It is linear, logical, and entire of itself. The beginning and ending not only bracket the body; they reflect each other like sunrise and sunset or birth and burial. Because I keep it short, knowing how difficult it is for some people to read online, I can see the article all at once, which makes reblogging easy. (If good writing comes from rewriting, why shouldn’t good blogging come from reblogging?)

Writing is my evening composition. It is linear and logical in that every reaction I write is preceded by an action and every action is motivated, but the process of writing is anything but logical. A hand/mind connection comes into play at night when I sit in a cocoon of light, pen in hand, paper before me, that doesn’t seem to apply during the day or when I am at the computer. That is the time when magical things happen on the page, when subconscious ideas come to fruition. Sometimes the ideas come slowly and the words come hard, in which case I go to bed early. Other times my hand can’t form the words fast enough, and I lose the idea. Those nights I go to bed early, too. But sometimes, oh sometimes, the ideas come, the words flow, and the night goes on forever.

Of course, when morning comes, my linear mind takes over, and I chuck some of that immortal prose into the trash. But I do keep a few of the pages, rewrite others, and the story grows.

I write for myself, more so now that the possibility of never getting published is finally sinking in, but who do I blog for? Myself, too. This journal is a message from the blogging part of my brain to the writing part and if it pays attention, my writing should improve. At the very least, I am developing a database of writing hints for when I (or you) need help.

3 Responses to “Blogging is Morning, Writing is Evening”

  1. bookbabie Says:

    That’s a good way to separate the two, it’s easy to let the writing slide and spend too much time goofing around with blogging:)

  2. Suzanne Francis Says:

    Do you really write your books out longhand? I could never do that! I used to print out my writings chapter by chapter to edit them, but with practice I found I could edit on the computer as well. Now I rarely print unless I am showing my writing to someone else. Save a tree, and all that good stuff.

  3. Bertram Says:

    Suzanne, I do write my books longhand. Bizarre, isn’t it? I didn’t have a computer when I started writing (only got one about a year ago); didn’t even have a typewriter. I don’t seem to be able to put myself in the story when I write on the computer. It’s harder on my fingers to write longhand, but it’s also easier on my eyes.

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