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  1. Lori Ferguson Says:

    Hi again…after my first and only post in 2018. It is now 5 yrs, 7 months since my wonderful Dano passed. When I stumbled across your site I was stuck in a deep chasm of grief, having no will to any longer remain here on my own. My Dano was my life for 30 yrs and I was devastated. I sought help from 3 grief counsellors…one of whom retired and I was alone again to figure this out. The other 2 counsel lord were so very young and had never experienced such a loss. So much for that… Then I found your site and read the new posts every day. No longer did I feel alone. Pat, your experience with your new home gave me the courage to decide to move 5300 miles away, from a big city to a small town in the east. It was very difficult for the first year but I had the Lord and my sweet little dog who is now 10. She was in Dano’s arms when he passed so she knows my pain. I have settled in here but still cry myself to sleep some nights but it is getting better. Funny but I have realized I am stronger than I ever believed I could be. I am making a new life and have come to understand how blessed I was to have my wonderful sweet Dano in my life for as long as the Lord gave him to me. He changed me. These posts I have read over the years have ripped my heart open as I have relived the writers’ agony and their climb back up has made me cry with joy. All of this has helped me more than u will ever know. And I thank u all. Opening your hearts in this post has given me more hope and pushed me to move forward to a new beginning. Thank from my heart. Lori F.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      I am so glad to hear from you. I worry about all “my” grievers, even though I know you are all stronger than you think you are.

      I’m pleased you found the courage to find a new home. It’s the newness, I think, that helps us continue to live when we want so much to be back with the one we loved.

      I’m glad my pain helped ease your pain. Grief is such a terrible and lonely experience, that only the stories we share can help us through the worst time of our lives.

      Thank you for letting me know how you are doing. Wishing you much peace.

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