I Do Not Have Writer’s Block

My hero is running from a volcano and has been running from the dang thing for at least three months. I can hear him panting from exhaustion, but I sit at the computer and spend my words writing articles, leaving comments, sending emails. I have no words left to get him out of his predicament.

In the end, that’s why I write. Not for the fulfullment, not because of a compusion, but because the words gang up on me, using all available brain space. The only way to free myself is to let the words out. But the words I’m letting out now have to do with the mechanics of writing, and so my poor hero runs. And runs.

I thought for sure by getting guest bloggers to do my work for me that the words would begin to weigh heavy on my mind, but I wasted those words on other websites. And I used to be such a thrifty sort. 

I did come up with another idea for getting me back on track with my WIP: start another blog, one just to let my hero run free. Maybe I’ll post my research, notes on character, anything that pertains to the WIP. It seems like such a great idea, but here I am, planning to waste more words while not writing my novel.

But it could work. Especially if I can put one of those widgets on the site that shows how much of the book I’ve finished. Could shame me out of my not writer’s block.

3 Responses to “I Do Not Have Writer’s Block”

  1. globalwrite Says:

    Oh can I relate. I write my blog only once a week since I have 2 charming blogmates–but I will comment on other people’s blogs (see! here I am!), twitter about my writing and my kids and my running addiction (let’s not mention my chocolate addiction) check myspace, and crimespace where I must post in the forum and still wonder why I have no time for my WIP. Sigh. I am turning over a new leaf. I will write one page a day–without fail. One page is doable. Any fool can write one page.

  2. Suzanne Francis Says:

    I did a posting on the widget awhile back. It isn’t difficult to put one up there. Go for it! I’ve found it very motivational.

  3. C. Says:

    Who says writing has to be linear? If you’re stuck at one place, skip ahead to the next scene and begin writing that. As long as you know the outcome of your hero’s predicament (does he escape or is he covered in lava?), then it shouldn’t affect the rest of the WIP if you can’t find the right words for that scene just yet. The good news is that you’ll be back to writing your WIP and be cured of writer’s block.

    That’s how I usually deal with a particular scene that I get stuck on. But then I’m a compulsive outliner, so I have my story intricately mapped out before I even type the first word. If you’re a “no-outline” type of writer, this may not work for you.

    Best of luck to you!

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