Burying That Old Half-Empty/Half-Full Glass

Are you as sick of that whole glass-half-full/half-empty saying as I am? Not only is it clichéd, it’s a ridiculous analogy. How you see a glass has nothing to do with your optimism or lack thereof.

When you are filling a glass (or any container) and you get to the halfway mark, the glass is half-full.

When you are emptying a glass, either by pouring out the liquid or imbibing it, and you reach the halfway mark, the glass is half-empty.

It isn’t how you see the glass; it’s what you are doing with it that matters.

So, now that this particular cliché has been declared deader than a doornail, (another ridiculous cliché that is so dead it stinks) can we bury it and get on with life?

One Response to “Burying That Old Half-Empty/Half-Full Glass”

  1. joylene Says:

    oh thank goodness. Somebody finally agrees with me. I’m constantly aware if I say half empty for this very reason, people are going to somehow become privy to my inner most fears. Ha. You put half in — it’s half full. You take out half — it’s half empty. Makes perfectly good sense to me.

    Have a safe Remembrance Day.

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