Help Me Plan My Big Book Bash

One of these days soon, perhaps next week, my novel A Spark of Heavenly Fire will be released.


After years of sending out query letters, after enduring hundreds of rejections, after surviving three worthless agents, I found a publisher who loves my books. Mike at Second Wind Publishing recently told a group of romance writers:  “If you haven’t, you all need to read Pat’s novels — especially A Spark of Heavenly Fire. It’s loaded with multiple love stories, triangles, lost love, romantic character development, unrequited love, and even a little happily-ever-after. Thank God she’s not a romance writer — we’d all be out of business!”

Now that deserves a celebration, so . . .
I am going to throw a virtual launch party when the book is published, a big book bash here on Bertram’s Blog. Most such “parties” come across more as announcements than celebrations, but I would like mine to seem like a real party, a real celebration. Do you have any suggestions on how to make an online blog party fun and festive?  How do you get people to hang around for a while, not just stop by and leave a comment? Is there such a thing as an eparty favor or an eprize or a way of simulating party games?
Any and all help would be appreciated.

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12 Responses to “Help Me Plan My Big Book Bash”

  1. Sheila Deeth Says:

    Being one of the worst at hanging around, and best at being distracted by washing, phone calls, cleaning, life, etc., I’ve really no idea. But I shall enjoy coming back to see what other people suggest.

    I hear a garage door – husband returning – and I am now, again, distracted…

  2. Pat Bertram Says:

    I’m laughing, Sheila, because I know exactly what you mean. It’s supposed to be my party, and I can just see me wandering off and forgetting all about it.

    I’ve been roaming the internet looking for ideas, but no one seems to be doing anything innovative.

  3. joylene Says:

    A game or two would be fun. How about the funniest author photo. You either do the judging or invite someone to judge. We’re normally such a formal bunch. Why not make complete fools of ourselves? I’m game. I even have the perfect pic.

  4. Pat Bertram Says:

    Joylene, good idea. But where would they post the photos? If they just post the link, people might wander off to look at photos and not come back.

  5. joylene Says:

    Ah. Good point. Okay, scratch that idea.

  6. Pat Bertram Says:

    It’s a good idea. Maybe I can figure out how to do it for my second party, which will follow so soon on the first that I will have to do something completely different.

    But I like the idea of trying to get people to loosen up.

  7. joylene Says:

    Maybe try a google search for online blog parties.

  8. Ken Coffman Says:

    Fabulous prizes, fun and torture, that’s all I have to offer…

  9. Suzanne Francis Says:

    Some ideas:

    Post some word puzzles/anagrams that relate to your book, and prizes for solving them. If you post them one at a time and keep score, then you can give a grand prize (signed copy?) to the overall winner.

    Make up some .PDF book marks or funny certificates to give away as “party favors.”

    Set up a chat room here:
    Your guests will be able to hang out and talk to each other as well.

    Post excerpts every ten minutes, and invite your guests to comment/satirize 🙂

    Hope you can use some of this…

    It’s good to be back!

  10. Suzanne Francis Says:

    OK I am sure I left a whole list of helpful suggestions here but they don’t seem to be showing up! Did I get relegated to the spam pile? I think I probably did, because one of my suggestions included a link…

  11. Pat Bertram Says:

    Hi, Suzanne! It’s good to see you. Hope your trip was more fun than exhausing. Thanks for the tips. I have been making puzzles, finding eprizes, making a video.

    I’ve been planning the party for A Spark of Heavenly Fire, because that one was going to come out first, but now it looks as if More Deaths Than One will be first. I’ll be glad when they are out there and I can stop debating about commas and hyphens.

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