Daughter Am I Is Finished!

DAII received my final proof copy of Daughter Am I, my young woman/old-time gangsters coming of age adventure, and I’ve reluctantly agreed to let it go to the printer.  There is always that moment when you realize this is it — you have to live with any mistakes that end up in the book. If there are any, though, it will be sheer accident. The novel went through several good editings, including a final scrubbing by Deborah J Ledford, fellow Second Wind author and editor extraordinaire. It was also scrupulously copyedited by Donna Russell, (creativemuse1(at)aol(dot)com) a treasure I found on Facebook. So my reluctance is more imaginary than real — the book is as perfect as I can get it.

When I received the final copy edits from Donna, she enclosed a note:

Thank you for the opportunity to edit your book, Daughter Am I.  You certainly put a lot of time and effort into researching all of the historical elements, and did a good job incorporating them into the plot without overwhelming it.  I learned several new things — Hegelian dialect, terms such as “lamster,” and a lot about guns, cars, and the Mafia.  I personally enjoy it when an author sends me to the dictionary or encyclopedia (or Google). There were also many excellent lines in the book. I thought these were especially good:

“The loss of something that never was can be as devastating as any other loss.”

“They thought they could rule by fear, but when fear is around every corner, people lose their fear of the fear.”

“They worked in silence, their excitement so great it seemed to shimmer in the air like a heat mirage.”

“It’s odd—I never used to be aware of old people as real persons. I’m not stupid. I know they weren’t born old, but it didn’t occur to me that heroes and villains, killers and great lovers could be hidden in those feeble bodies.”

I also enjoyed your use of humor, and the way you developed the characters.  It was nice to see Mary grow into a more confident woman, see her influence on the old gangsters, and the way she and they came to genuinely care for one another.  You made me care about the characters.  Have you considered a possible sequel?  I can see the potential for more “adventures.” Anyway, just a thought.

Hmmm. A sequel. Could be interesting, but first I have to sell the original. Luckily, it will be released soon  — maybe in two weeks. Sounds like a good excuse for a party! 

 Daughter Am I will be available soon (!) from Second Wind Publishing, LLC

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12 Responses to “Daughter Am I Is Finished!”

  1. knightofswords Says:

    Now it’s time to sit back and watch the sales go up, the movie offers come in, and then–finally–drinks with Madonna after she’s cast as one of the elder cons.


    P.S. Congrats!

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      Oooh. Madonna would be perfect for Lila Lorraine!

      Do you remember the movie “The Crew’? I always thought it was a terrible movie, but such a great cast. They should get together and do my story. Now that would be a movie worth watching!

      Incidentally, I’m working on the answers to your interview/discussion questions. Well, let’s say I’ve got the file open. Apparently I’m here, not there.

  2. Sheila Deeth Says:

    Congratulations. I love the sentences Donna picked out, very intriguing.

  3. Deborah J Ledford Says:

    Can’t wait for “Daughter Am I” to be released, Pat. I enjoyed the preliminary read so much and look forward to purchasing the printed and bound version. Such an EXCELLENT story with some of the most interesting old codgers (and a fabulous young heroine) I have ever encountered.

  4. ~Sia McKye~ Says:

    Yay, Pat. I loved the premise of this story and enjoyed what I have read of it.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      I like the premise, too. Odd, it was the fastest book I ever wrote — took a year, still, but it was outlined in a single day. I wonder if that excitement will show up in the story? I hope so.

  5. joylene Says:

    What a nice compliment from Donna, and a tribute to your hard work, Pat. Daughter Am I is going to do very well. And while the process of letting go is tough, the joy of knowing you’ve left something important behind that will move readers and will live on forever, must be thrilling. I know I’m thrilled for you.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      Thank you, Joylene. I hope you’re right. I think it’s a story people will like, it’s just a matter of letting them know it’s available. You’ll be helping me with that, since I’ll be a guest on your blog on October 23 for my blog tour. (A little plug here!)

  6. Yosis Says:

    HUGE congratulations on this most recent book going to print! As President of the Seattle chapter of the Pat Bertram Fan Club, I can’t wait to dive into the story. Thank you – again and again – for sharing your talents with the rest of us on the planet. 🙂

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