News from the Blogosphere

I’m exaggerating a bit — whatever news I have is from my own private byte of  the blogosphere. 

I just finished reading Jeffery Deaver’s Roadside Crosses, and I sure am missing out on all the excitement of blogging. Hundreds of thousands of people do not read my blog, and I can’t imagine that anything I say could inspire murder, except in a literary way. And perhaps not even that.

I hope I’m not as obsessed about blogging as Deaver’s characters, though I might come close. I wasn’t going to turn on the computer first thing this morning — trying to wean myself away a bit at a time — but it didn’t work. I got up did a couple of overhead presses, a few curls, a couple of bench presses, decided that was all the exercise I needed, and fired up the computer. I didn’t post to this blog, though. I posted to the Second Wind Blog, so perhaps that doesn’t count as obsession. On the offchance that you will have to ever discuss what I meant when I wrote Daughter Am I, you might want to check out the article: Message in a Novel

Tomorrow I will be in South Africa!! Way cool.

I’ve also been invited Over Coffee with Sia McKye at her blog tomorrow. Well, I’ll be there if I write the article, and I will as soon as I finish this one. Sia told me to “talk about the fun you had creating a cast of rogues. In their time, they were men to be reckoned with. Even now, being up in years, their spirit is willing, they have experience and they have taken the main character under their wing, determined to protect her. It cracks me up that you have a character that shakes so bad he probably couldn’t shoot the broadside of a barn.   

I think, what’s lovely about this story is the caring between them all. The determination to protect though they aren’t the men they used to be. It speaks to their heart, their sense of adventure, the enduring quality of what makes people what they are. Even the wicked or “bad” can care about things. I think you show a glimpse of the good in their heart, regardless of what they did in their life.”

Hmmm. Maybe I should get Sia to write the article. She knows the characters in Daughter Am I better than I do!

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2 Responses to “News from the Blogosphere”

  1. Sheila Deeth Says:

    Heading over to South Africa and Message in a Novel. I’ve already read the article on Sia’s page, and you’ve got me hooked on your aging rogues.

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