Searching For Happy Memories

I’ve been searching for happy memories to take the edge off the memory of watching my lifemate die so painfully, and one I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is a day I visited him at the store he owned. We spent hours talking — about life, books, history,  moving from one topic to another as easily as if we’d known each other a lifetime instead of just a few months — and then he walked me outside. This is the poem I wrote when I got home that night:

you turned around
and waved to me
after we said good-bye
a small gesture
that told me more
than all the words
we had spoken

I wish I could have just one more word, one more wave from him.

6 Responses to “Searching For Happy Memories”

  1. Dana Fredsti Says:

    Memories like these are to be treasured, Pat. They can’t bring our loved ones back, but they do keep them with us…

  2. joylene Says:

    My heart breaks for you, Pat. I wish there was a secret that could get you through this. There isn’t. I’m so sorry.

  3. slpmartin Says:

    One cannot replace such moments in their life…they have to be savored and shared with others so that they live forever in the minds of others. Thanks every so much for sharing this.

  4. knightofswords Says:

    By now, you must have a bulging scrapbook of memories like this, each a well-treasured moment.

  5. Diane Dreher Says:

    Beautiful poem and reflections, Pat. With each new decade, I realize how we keep these moments and our loved ones alive in our hearts. Thanks for the reminder.
    Peace to you,

  6. Kat Sheridan Says:

    What a lovely poem, Pat. What a memory. You have a treasure chest of them, I’m sure. And they are all yours, to hold and savor. Sending hugs.

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