Be Sure to Bookmark Malcolm’s Book Bits Blog

Malcolm Campbell is one of the most intelligent people I have met online, one of the most prolific reader/reviewers, absolutely one of the best novelists (Jock Stewart and the Missing Sea of Fire, The Sun Singer, Sarabande) and one of the all time great bloggers.

To add to his already remarkable list of blogs (Sun Singer’s Travels, Malcolm’s Round Table, Sarabande’s Journey, Morning Satirical News, and probably several I’ve forgotten) he’s now added Malcolm’s Book Bits and  Notions, where he collects and posts links to articles you would read if you knew they were out there to read.

He lists contests such as WOW! Women On Writing Fall 2011 Flash Fiction Contest, entry fee $10, deadline Nov 30 2011, first place prize $350, 250 to 750 words, number of entries is limited to 300.

He lists feature articles, such as Amazon Signs Up Authors, Writing Publishers Out of Deal – “ has taught readers that they do not need bookstores. Now it is encouraging writers to cast aside their publishers.”

He makes note of reviews, such as Radioactive: Marie & Pierre Curie, A Tale of Love and Fallout by Lauren Redniss, reviewed by Jesse Kornbluth

He gives us something to think of with viewpoints such as Privacy Policy, On the public commodification of privacy by Stefany Anne Golberg

Why isn’t everyone bookmarking this site or following it? It’s one of the best book bits blogs out there. And of course, why wouldn’t it be? Malcolm Campbell runs the blog.

(Can you tell I’m a fan? You should be, too.)

7 Responses to “Be Sure to Bookmark Malcolm’s Book Bits Blog”

  1. Joyce Norman Says:

    I AM a fan of Malcolm’s, Pat. He’s a bright light in the forest of writers, bloggers. To be honest, he’s not just A bright light — in my opinion, he is the brightest!

    Thank you Malcolm, for all that you do.


  2. knightofswords Says:

    Wow, Pat, what a cool post to find while sipping a cup of hot coffee. I do try to keep each post varied so that there’s something for everyone, even if it’s only link each day.

    Aw shucks, Joyce, thanks for adding more kind words to those Pat already wrote.


  3. joylene Says:

    I’m checking out Malcolm today. Thanks, Pat.

  4. Book Bits #56 – Stephen King tour, Amazon vs. Publishers, Pottermore | Malcolm's Book Bits and Notions Says:

    […] Bits, retweeting it, and mentioning it on Facebook and in your blogs (you’re a cool lady, Pat Bertram). With the world being the crazy place that it is, there is a fair number of really strange people […]

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