Today I Am . . .

14 Responses to “Today I Am . . .”

  1. Deborah Owen Says:

    One word sticks out of all the rest – serene. Sounds like you had a good day, sweetie. 🙂 I’m glad.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      Deb, The truth is that these words came from a brochure for Cirqu du Soleil. The words were in the background behind photos of the actors/acrobats, and I thought they were evocative of the woman I would love to be, so I decided to do this post using the words. And who knows, maybe we really are all daring and heroic and mysterious and legendary. And serene.

      But you are right — I did have a good day today. I spent hours on this bit of word art, and it felt good. Afterward, I went to the grocery store looking for fruit and other tidbits to garnish the turkey tenderloins I cooked for Thanksgiving (couldn’t count on the oven working, and didn’t want to do all that work anyway) but I wanted it to be festive. So for once, I picked up anything that caught my fancy (such as a big bag of miniature peppers which were so colortul and cheerful) and that felt good too.

  2. joylene Says:

    I like “Daring”. I feel daring. Hmm. Now what?

    Happy Thanksgiving, Pat.

  3. Ann Wilmer-Lasky Says:

    Thank you. I will pick one tomorrow. On my way to bed right now.

  4. Rod Marsden Says:

    So the circus of the sun strikes again. Fair enough.For me I will snap up playful, daring and epic for today and quite possibly for the rest of this year.

    I am and will be playful with my writing or. at any rate, the project I am currently hammering together. Daring? Well, there could be daring bits. I thumb my nose up at political correctness because it doesn’t lead to a world where everyone is equal. Like in Animal Farm it leads to certain creatures being more equal than others. Epic? Maybe I will start a revolution with this new project. They’re always epic aren’t they? Oh, and get ready for Christmas.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      Hi, Rod. Being playful and starting a revolution? Way cool! So very legendary! And political correctness only pertains to politicians and should mean being ethical, but doesn’t. Thank you for stopping by. Wishing you a happy spring! (Or is it summer there?)

      • Rod Marsden Says:

        Almost summer. We have had a wet spring where I am.

        Being ethical is fine with me. Something tends to go wrong, however, when any government decides to step in and make people ethical. Then you have the Animal Farm sort of thing happening. I I

        • Pat Bertram Says:

          Oh, heavens, no. Ethicality should never be institionalized! I meant the politicians themselves should be ethical. Or is that an oxymoronic concept?

          • Rod Marsden Says:

            Politics run by ethical people? Well, pat it is a concept but I doubt if it will catch on. Yep I think you did find an oxymoron. There are a few of them about.

  5. Rod Marsden Says:

    We don’t really have Thanksgiving here in the land of Oz. We do have Australia Day and Anzac Day. The New Zealanders also celebrate Anzac Day.

  6. Yaya Says:

    What a lovely message. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Kathy Holmes Says:

    I like the fact that many of these are opposite because it captures the complexity of humans. Too often, the world wants to put us in boxes. Oh, you write beach reads, or you write scary thrillers. Maybe I write both. Maybe I can wear flip flops, drink a FAB, contemplate life’s bigger mysteries, and praise God all at the same time. Love this, Pat!

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