Introducing the Best Multi-Author Blog in the Blogosphere

Have you checked out the Second Wind Publishing blog lately? If not you’re missing a treat. It’s turning out to be one of the best blogs around, certainly the best multi-author blog and the most multi-talented.

Today’s feature is the brilliant and vastly amusing Pet Fashion Faux Paws by Mickey Hoffman, author of School of Lies and Deadly Traffic:

“Next we have the Sex Kitten look. Unfortunately (or conversely if you’re so inclined) this section does not describe feline sex. If you want to hear about that, kitties, you’ll have to read a different publication. The Delta Pet Inquirer is a family-friendly magazine! Anyway, ruched lace, chiffon and sequins are not alluring when draped on a fur coat.  From our research we’ve come to understand that the entire purpose of a lace nightie is to show bare skin and unless you’re a member of the hairless cat breed, that’s not going to happen” [Click here to read the whole post.]

Noah Baird, author of Donations to Clarity, gives us an irreverent but hilarious look at the Easter Bunny and various other goodies in You Don’t Know Easter:

“So, why the egg? I tell my kids the rock used to cover JC’s tomb happened to be shaped like an egg. Presto! Tradition! The reality is more mundane. Christians didn’t eat meat or dairy during Lent. Back in JC’s day, eggs were considered . . . dairy. Dairy was any animal-derived foodstuffs rendered from an animal without shedding its blood. This is way before we had a FDA or a congress to tell us what food is. Considering congress classified pizza sauce as a vegetable, things haven’t improved much.” [Click here to read the whole post.]

Coho Ihle, author of She Had to Know, talks about her The Rude Awakening when she discovered that a friend had skin cancer.

“Since I was an entertainer much of my adult life, I did a lot of sunbathing both in the sun and in tanning booths. I can remember being a bit reckless about wearing sunscreen, too. Witnessing this experience sent me directly to my dermatologist for a skin cancer screening for the first time. I can’t believe I’d never had that done before. I came out just fine, but I implore all you out there who think you are immortal, like I did, PLEASE go for a screening right away. It could save your life.” [Click here to read the whole post.]

Sherrie Hansen, author of Night and Day and the Maple Valley trilogy, explains why becoming a writer after the age fifty has it’s advantages in What Story Is Your Life Telling?

“I was recently approached about answering some questions for an article because I was an author who was over 50, a writer whose career as an author didn’t begin until I was past 50 years old.  The question’s implication resulted in a lot of things floating through my evidently half-addled, 55 year old brain: What does she think I am, older than dirt? That it’s a miracle I can still write, old as I am? Once I got over my indignation, however, I started to think about what it is really like being 55, and how life is different now than when I was 25, 35 or even 45.” [Click here to read the whole post.]

JJ Dare, author of False Positive and False World talks about expecting one thing and getting another in Southern Heat and Naked Books.

“ ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ takes on new meaning when you realize that the cover is more than the jacket. It’s everything. The promotion and hype, author appearances, and interviews are parts of the cover. While the overall “cover” of the book can increase its popularity, the true test comes once the naked story is laid bare.” [Click here to read the whole post.]

8 Responses to “Introducing the Best Multi-Author Blog in the Blogosphere”

  1. Deborah J Ledford Says:

    I love presenting blog posts to the Second Wind Publishing site the 5th of every month. It’s a pleasure appearing with so many talented authors.

  2. joylene Says:

    These all sound wonderful, and I’ll definitely check them out. Before the hockey game starts. Thanks, Pat. Happy Weekend.

  3. Sherrie Hansen Says:

    Thanks for the mention, Pat. In addition to posting on Second Wind’s blog on the 6th and 26th of each month, I enjoying reading the blog. I think the fact that we’re each very unique in our perspective is what makes it so fun!

  4. Coco Ihle Says:

    I, too, thank you, Pat, for mentioning my blog post. We authors here at Second Wind are a varied lot and the subjects presented each month are just as varied. Sometimes they are amusing, sometimes serious reminders, and always informative. I’ve come to look forward to the 11th of the month when I delve into my little gray cells for something to write about. I also enjoy reading the other authors’ blogs. We are many things, but mostly a family here. I salute us!

  5. christinehusom Says:

    It is a wonderful place to collect helpful tips on writing and life, read touching entries, be entertained, laugh, get teary-eyed, reflect, on and on. I think I’ve read nearly every entry, though I tend to read many of them at one sitting. Keep up the great work, everyone!

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