My 1000th Blog Post!!!!

This is my 1000th blog post for this blog, and what do you know. I haven’t a thing to say. You’d think after writing 1000 articles on subjects that range from reading to writing, from being in grief to being in the moment, from social networking to socializing, I’d be able to come up with a few pithy words to celebrate the occasion,  but here I am, at a loss for ideas.

You’re probably curious how I managed to write all those articles — well, it took five years, one topic at a time, one word, at a time. You can see all the posts here: Archives — All My Posts.

Here are are a few of my favorite posts, though to be honest, a list of my favorites would include either my entire ouevre or merely the last one I wrote. I enjoyed writing all of them, and at the time of writing, each was my absolute favorite. Life changes, though, and so does perspective; what once seemed profound later seems merely mundane.

The Slang Game
Write Lofty and Carry a Big Chisel
How Often Has This Happened To You? (Close Encounters Of the Buffalo Kind)
What Kind of Blogger Are You?
Sports As Story
A Terrible Writing Accident
The Living Language of Dying
Pat Bertram And Lazarus Barnhill Discuss Writing as Destiny
Waiting For an April Time
Self-Editing — The List From Hell
Creatures of the Corn
On Writing: Looking Up
Free Exclamation Points for Everyone!!!
The Slamming of the Doors

These posts are all from my first couple of years of blogging. I don’t remember why I wrote some of them, such as The Slamming of the Doors, perhaps as a writing prompt. Others I had fun creating, such as my list of bloggers in What Kind of Blogger Are You? and my quiz The Slang Game, and I was disappointed at how few people ever saw the posts.

Thank you, everyone, who has read any of my posts or commented on them. It’s been a pleasure blogging with you.

10 Responses to “My 1000th Blog Post!!!!”

  1. joylene Says:

    I think that’s pretty terrific, Pat. You’re my only 1000 blogger.

  2. rami ungar the writer Says:

    Wow, 1000 posts, Pat. That’s impressive. I’m barely past 150. When did you start blogging?

  3. Malcolm R. Campbell Says:

    1000! Wow, where do you get all those ideas? (Okay, okay, I didn’t really ask that seriously.)


  4. jeffo Says:

    Congratulations, Pat. Funny how milestones and ‘special events’ can sometimes make the well go dry, isn’t it?

  5. Aaron Paul Lazar Says:

    Congratulations, Pat! Way to go, you are my hero! I’m going to be re-posting a bunch of these on Murderby4 soon (as we discussed of course!). You are my favorite blogger of all time. Hugs, Aaron

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