I’ve Been Published in Urdu!

Well, I myself haven’t been published in Urdu — three of my 100-word stories were.

In February, Mubashir Zaidi, a Pakistani writer and journalist, contacted me and said he was planning on publishing a book of 100-word stories. He selected one hundred such stories from different sources and books to convert into Urdu, and asked permission to use a few of mine. I told him that as long as he listed me as the author, he could use the stories. He promised me he’d send me a couple of copies of the finished book, and on May 2nd, he sent them. It took one day to get from Dubai to New York and an entire month to finally get to me. (Don’t know what the problem was, but it took many phone calls to “speed” the books on their way.)

The book is called “Namak Paaray” after  a crunchy salty snack of Pakistan and India, indicating that you can finish reading a story in the time it takes to finish a ‘Namak Para.’ (The snack is featured on the cover.)

So, here it is, “The Kiss” by Pat Bertram in Urdu. (According to Mubashir, Urdu is written from right to left. It has same alphabets as Arabic and Persian but all three languages have different words. Hindi, on the other hand, has a different script but same words as Urdu.)

Since I’m sure you’re no more able to read Urdu than I am, here is a translation:

The Kiss

When Jack entered her flower shop, all Jen could do was stare. It had been years since she’d seen him, years she’d spent regretting their final quarrel, yet she still felt the same attraction. His heavy-lidded gaze told her he felt it, too.

He held out a hand, and she let him draw her close for a kiss that spanned the years. She snuggled into his embrace. Everything would be perfect now that they were together again.

“How did you know I was here?” she asked.

“I didn’t. I just came in to buy flowers.”

“For me?”

“For my wife.”


Pat Bertram is the author of the suspense novels Light Bringer, More Deaths Than One, A Spark of Heavenly Fire, and Daughter Am I. Bertram is also the author of Grief: The Great Yearning, “an exquisite book, wrenching to read, and at the same time full of profound truths.” Follow Pat on Google+. Like Pat on Facebook.

23 Responses to “I’ve Been Published in Urdu!”

  1. lulubelle7537 Says:

    Congratulations on being published, that’s fantastic! I’m so envious!

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      Yes, it is fantastic. Thank you!

      • lulubelle7537 Says:

        I’m one of your followers on Networked Blogs, I would love to talk to or email you with response regarding a book I’m writing–you obviously have experience and I would love your input 🙂

        • Pat Bertram Says:

          If you don’t mind, you can post your questions here. I’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have about various aspects of writing. If you want me to take a look at your work, I’m sorry, but I don’t do that.

          • lulubelle7537 Says:

            No no no! I wouldn’t ask anyone to take a look at my work, I am not to that point yet anyway. I only have 25,000 words completed. My questions are more about, well…what to do when my book is completed & I’ve gone over and fixed everything I feel needs to he fixed & I’m ready to have it be published! It seems like it would be so complicated!

          • Pat Bertram Says:

            If you’re asking about how to self-publish, I haven’t a clue. I have a publisher. I wrote today’s blog post with you in mind: https://ptbertram.wordpress.com/2013/06/07/what-to-do-when-youve-finished-writing-your-book/ I hope it helps.

          • lulubelle7537 Says:

            I’m so sorry Ms. Bertram but I fell asleep typing that response! I have NO IDEA what I was trying to say! I was up late last night working on a new hub for hubpages. How embarrassing!

          • Pat Bertram Says:

            No problem. I’m just glad it wasn’t supposed to be something I should know but didn’t.

          • lulubelle7537 Says:

            That’s all you were worried about? Wow, that tells me a lot about you Pat Bertram 🙂 You do not like feeling inferior or like someone knows about a topic that you don’t. You’re a strong-willed and very intelligent person !!

          • Pat Bertram Says:

            Thank you. I think.

          • lulubelle7537 Says:

            Can I ask you something? (I am even more fascinated by you now after you revealed a small tidbit about yourself)~ what is your writing process? Is it weird that I just sit down and start typing my blog posts? I do go over them at the end and edit them, then I edit them again another time or two~ but I just sit down and start pounding away at the keys! Normal?
            Also~ how do you decide what do write about? Do you have any sort of process which helps you decide? Do you have any suggestions on how I can discover/come up with more topics for blog posts?
            Thank you so much! 😉

          • Pat Bertram Says:

            My blog writing is completely different from my fiction writing. For fiction, I have to dig around in my mind for every word, look it over and fit it into place sort of like a jigsaw puzzle. Blogs are more stream of consciousness, especially my grief blogs — just sit down and write what I feel, and then edit them. So basically, I do what you do, sit down and start pounding at the keys. (Well, not pounding. I type gently.) Other blogs take a bit of research or thought, especially if I am trying to figure out what I think about something.

            As for what I write about — anything to do with my writing, my life, my writing life. I often find topics in the comments, in the list of search terms people use to find this blog, in things I think about while walking in the desert, in my state of mind, in the milestones of my writing career.

            For example, today’s post was in response to your question about what to do when your book is finished.

            Yesterday’s post was an excerpt from a serial I am writing online with other authors. I always post my chapter here on this blog in the hopes of getting more people interested in our project.

            The post the day before that was also a reponse to a blog comment. I thought others might be interested in the post. (And besides, I had no other idea for a topic.)

            The day before that was an update about the progress of my grief.

            The day before that was this post.

            So basically, I write whatever I find in my ragbag mind.

          • lulubelle7537 Says:

            Wow– I prompted a post? I feel so special! 🙂 You’ve helped me a great deal. Here’s a more specific question I have about blog content. Say you’re writing a blog about your favorite restaurants. How much detail should you go in about why they’re your favorites? Is it a matter of preference how long blogs are?

          • Pat Bertram Says:

            Posts can be any length, but keep in mind that with so much tugging at people’s attention on the internet, the longer they are, the more interesting they have to be. I just checked the wordcounts of some of my current posts, and mine tend to be about 500 to 600 words. Supposedly 300 to 800 is ideal. They are long enough for search engines to find them and short enough for busy people to scan before racing off to read something else.

  2. rami ungar the writer Says:

    Congratulations, Pat. I wish I was as lucky as you.

  3. knightofswords Says:

    Really cool, Pat.

  4. Carol Ann Hoel Says:

    Now that’s fast fiction! I wouldn’t have finished the snack, I’m quite sure. Cute story, Pat. I can see why the book is being translated into another language. Blessings to you…

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