Wanting to Run Away

Lately I’ve had the feeling I want to run away. I’m not sure if I’ve been around people too much, especially those I don’t care for, or if I haven’t been around people enough, including those I don’t care for. Either way, especially today, I feel the need for something else, though I don’t know what.


Originally, my May trip was supposed to be the beginning of a year-long road trip (partly because I do not want to spend another summer in debilitating heat) but I backed off because I need to give my arm more time to recover. And give me more time, too — after all, I spent six months juggling between narcotics and pain, in addition to being injected several times with the soup of drugs they use for anesthesia (some of which no one understands why they have the effect they do).


But today I again wonder if it’s time for . . .


I don’t know. More adventure?


But May will be coming soon, and that should give me a taste of being out and about and help me decide when/if to continue my great adventure.


After tomorrow, where I will have to deal with someone I would prefer not to deal with, I will have three days of adventuring in the desert. Maybe that will be enough to get me through another week without running away.

Or not.


Pat Bertram is the author of the suspense novels UnfinishedMadame ZeeZee’s Nightmare, Light BringerMore Deaths Than OneA Spark of Heavenly Fireand Daughter Am IBertram is also the author of Grief: The Great Yearning, “an exquisite book, wrenching to read, and at the same time full of profound truths.” Connect with Pat on Google+. Like Pat on Facebook.

10 Responses to “Wanting to Run Away”

  1. Terry Allard Says:

    I find it challenging to know the difference between “running from” and “running to” literally or methaphorically. Do I want to “be there” or is it more I just don’t want to “be here” anymore? Since my husband died this issue comes up alot more and expresses itself in a restlessness often laced with fatigue. Sometimes I wish I could go on vacation and leave me home! (if you get my joke) lol Actually, on a more serious note , my last sentence is the reason I am learning to meditate in organized classes with a teacher.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      I too started to take yoga so I could take a vacation from myself, but after the class was cancelled, I switched to dance. Dance classes worked for a long time in giving me a break from myself. Sometimes it still does.

  2. rami ungar the writer Says:

    Somehow, these photos make me feel relaxed.

  3. Constance Says:

    Sometimes, I feel like running away too. I have too many commitments, which cause me too much stress. When they get real bad, I just want to run somewhere away from all of it for some peace in my life. Right now is one of those times. I am tired!

  4. LordBeariOfBow Says:

    Getting ready to fire up your trusty “Beetle” methinks, Go for it gal 😀

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