Contemplating ESP

One benefit of being an eclectic reader is that once the cover of the novel about the sabotage of the electric grid system in the US was closed, the emergency was over. Not in real life perhaps, but as one reader pointed out, there are a million ways the universe is out to get us (since, after all, the end result of our lives on this planet is our death); 999,999 of those ways won’t get us, so why worry about them.

Now I’m on to another book-induced worry. Well, not “worry” exactly, more like a train of thought. This time about psychic powers, artifacts infused with psychic powers, and the ways these artifacts can be used for good or ill.

When I was young, I thought the various forms of extra sensory perception were an indication of a more enlightened being. I felt bad that I wasn’t one of the chosen, and I hated the thought of being just like everyone else. Now, I am exceedingly grateful for my normalcy. It’s hard enough dealing with life with the tinge of intuition I do have. Apparently, I have a built-in lie, manipulation, and insincerity detector, though it manifests as confusion in the case of lies and manipulation, and nausea in the face of insincerity. (Which is why I cannot watch any news, cannot listen to any politician.) The problem with such low-level perception is that often I don’t know what the lie is, just that it is. Which, of course, adds to the confusion. Even more confusing, it took me most of my life to realize what was going on.

I also have a bit of an ability to pick up vibes. For example, back when dancing with my class, I could feel the energy flowing in sync from all of us, as if it were lifting our arms and feet at the same time. I thought it was a universal feeling, that all the other dancers could feel the same thing, but that wasn’t the case.

Also, sometimes I sense an affinity with people I just met. Of course, we all have that sense of affinity at times. It’s just a matter of learning to trust it.

But to actually be able to read someone’s mind? To be able to move things with mental energy? To be able to see auras? To have visions, whether of the future or of things that have already happened? To be able to view things remotely? I don’t think so. If my life is steeped in confusion now, I can’t imagine the sort of extreme confusion I’d be afflicted with if I had such powers.

As long as I am reading the novel, I will be aware of such things and contemplate the possibility of extra-sensory perception, but I’ll be glad when the book is closed and I can go on to something more mundane.

Like a serial killer, maybe. Or perhaps covert activities. Or, even worse, a romance!

What about you? Would you like to have some sort of ESP? Do you think it would enhance your life or make it even more complicated?


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9 Responses to “Contemplating ESP”

  1. Uthayanan Says:

    Pat it is interesting that I have leaned something interesting.
    Extrasensory perception or ESP, also called sixth sense, includes claimed reception of information not gained through the recognized physical senses, but sensed with the mind. – Wikipedia
    I read your blog very often it is always interesting and instructive because of my curfew 6pm to 6 am and now it is nearly 3h40 am French time. I lost my sleep nearly every day the late six months of grief and related curfew situation of Covid honestly it is not very important.
    First I see the third person of the right in the picture is you.
    One you said during the period of grief to feel better you must fall in love with something not necessary to somebody. In your case you said dancing.
    In my situation it is possible with languages specially to learn better in French, Japanese eventually to progress in my English language.
    In my personal life I had an experience with telepathy with my mother’s dead in Canada she left me brutally during the operation table with her heart. Like Pearl S. Buck had her telepathy experience. One of my favorite writer when I was young.
    In my case I never watch television because of commercials and manipulation. and try to learn politics but never understood. I never understood stock market !
    As far as I am always in a learning process in my hole life honestly I am always searching ESP if it is helpful for the civilization.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      I loved Pearl S. Buck when I was a kid. I wonder if the library has any of her books? I should check.

      And yes, I do think it’s important to fall in love with something. Maybe it’s just for the change of focus — away from death and grief toward life and renewal. I no longer take dance classes, but I do have my house to focus on.

  2. rami ungar the writer Says:

    I think I would enjoy magic powers, some aspects of ESP being among them. It would be cool to tap into forces that science has yet to classify and then use them for my own purposes. That being said, such powers do have their fair share of drawbacks, so best to read the warnings before buying the product, if you get my meaning.
    And if you do decide to read some books about serial killers, let me know so I can make some recommendations.

  3. Estragon Says:

    I think you (and I) have at least three types of “ESP”:
    – Things we don’t (consciously) see, but which are there and we recognize nevertheless (subliminal stimuli). For example, people give off all sorts of signals through “body language”. We tend not to be consciously aware of these signals unless we’re specifically trained to be, but we perceive them anyway.
    – Things we do consciously perceive, but aren’t really there in the sense that our eyes never actually saw them. For example, a ball we’re supposed to catch appears as a smooth trajectory from origin to destination. In fact, our eyes are darting about with alacrity, forming a picture of the larger environment. Our brain fills in the gaps in the trajectory to present what appears to be a sensible path and context. This process went badly wrong for my recently deceased cousin (schizophrenia). In his case, it was profoundly disabling. It happens with all of us to some degree though.
    – We commonly experience the universe in three dimensions of space and one of time, but that almost certainly isn’t the way the universe actually is. Since we experience a sort of shadow of the “real” universe, it follows that some elements of that real universe might manifest in ways that our shadow perception doesn’t fully explain.

    There’s also the (non-falsifiable) thought that we’re living in a sophisticated fiction, a sort of video game, in which “ESP” events such as deja vu are just glitches in the program. In some respects, we enter such a universe whenever we read a well written book. For the “real” universe though, I’ll stick with the falsifiable theories.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      I like your falsifiable theories. I tend to think my “lie detector” is about picking up cues and subliminal messages, but it still works the same — an abhorrence of liars, cheaters, and manipulators.

      I find it a blessing not being able to perceive the way the universe actually is. Boy, would that sure be confusing as heck!

  4. Uthayanan Says:

    I cannot guaranty the quality of the information but it is interesting to read.
    Declassified CIA file reveals US spies believed that Soviet doctors had ‘perfected’ Extra-Sensory Perception in the 1980s and could transmit thoughts and feelings to subjects
    And Read more:
    • Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) – The Black Vault
    • The Russian Spy Who Convinced America to Take ESP Seriously – Atlas Obscura

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      I’ve heard of that program. The USA had a similar program and supposedly still have “remote viewers,” people who can “see” things that are happening in other places. I’m not sure any of that is possible, but a lot of people have spent a lot of time and money to prove that it is true.

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