Clean Slate

There were several things I wanted to remember to do today, so I made a list. The first thing on the list was to remember to water the plants that need it, but it rained last night, enough that I had to close the windows, so I crossed “watering” off my list when I woke this morning. Instead, I went out to pull weeds because, as I’ve learned, they come out so much easier when the ground is sodden. I pulled the first fistful. Then pulled and pulled. And nothing budged. Except me. I almost fell backward from all that pulling. It turns out the clay soil was so dry adobe bricks could have been cut out of ground to build some sort of structure, but since I didn’t need any adobe bricks (and had no way of cutting them out anyway), I gave up on pulling weeds and decided I better water my poor desiccated plants.

Apparently, it only rained inside my house. (Raindrops blown through my windows caused a bit of a puddle.) I have no idea what happened to the rest of the moisture — I’m fairly sure it couldn’t have been vaporized by all that sheet lightning keeping me awake last night. If any rain did fall, it certainly didn’t do the plants any good. The storm cooled things down, though, which did me good. It’s 66 degrees Fahrenheit (18.9 C) right now. Temperatures are expected to climb back into the hundreds by tomorrow, but I prefer not to think about that and simply enjoy the cool.

Other things on my to do list were to call my mechanic and reschedule an appointment to get my brakes fixed (they were supposed to be done last Friday, but he took that day off) and to call my contractor to see if he’d forgotten me (he was supposed to send one of his guys to work here starting last week, but except for a few hours, the guy was a no-show).

The last thing on my list was to get ready for work. Since this isn’t my regular day, I had to make a note to make sure I got there when I was supposed to. Because I am neither a mechanic nor a contractor with more business than I can handle, I need to honor my obligations.

I have a clean slate now, with nothing on my list, and I hope to keep it that way because the problem with a list is that it’s only good if you remember to read it. Luckily, today I did remember.


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