Stay Cool

I’m sitting here trying to think of something to say that sounds at least halfway intelligent, but I’m falling asleep at the computer. It might be that I’m tired or it could be allergies, though most probably it’s the heat. It’s so hot it feels as if my eyeballs are boiling. Not a pretty image, for sure, but then, neither is this heat. At the moment, before noon, it’s 100 degrees and the temperature will continue rising for the next several hours.

I’d be cooler, of course, if I turned on the air conditioner, but somehow it feels wrong to sit inside the cool when a couple of men are here moving rocks around my yard. I realize that’s misplaced guilt or some such, but still, it does make me hesitate to turn on the cooling. That’s one of the reasons, anyway. The woman I work for doesn’t have central air conditioning, and if I went from a cool house to her much warmer house, I’d feel the heat over there even more than I already do, so I usually refrain from cooling my house down until I get home.

Whatever the reason for my leaving off the air conditioner, it doesn’t really matter. Compared to outside, it’s cool. Cooler, anyway. I can’t imagine how those guys who are working outside my house are faring. Luckily, they brought plenty of cool water, and if they want more, I will be glad to oblige. They’re also using the hose to shower off the sweat occasionally, which is amusing to me. It’s not amusing that they’re using such a method of keeping cool of course, but I do find it amusing that today I rolled up the hose and set it aside where it wouldn’t be in their way, and the next thing I know, it’s back where I normally keep it, sprawled all over the yard.

Part of me hopes they will knock off work early to get out of the heat; part of me hopes they continue working. It’s so hard to get people here that I’m certainly not going to make waves or rock the boat or upset the applecart or whatever cliché you prefer.

Luckily, it will cool down tomorrow. The high will be at least fourteen degrees lower than today’s high. A veritable cold front!

I hope you’re managing to stay cool.


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4 Responses to “Stay Cool”

  1. Uthayanan Says:

    Strangely I am suffering In my fourth year with grief more than third year. I have noticed with my telephone in Denver 6 am to 8 am the temperature is 18 to 19 centigrade !. If the woman you work for doesn’t have central air conditioning she can let open (if it is possible with the security around) all the windows and doors for the current air and close everything before (specially wooden shutters exterior) in two hours. It helps with my wife’s experience in very hot days. I don’t know whether it helps in Colorado (Denver) it is simply a suggestion.
    At the moment I have no choice. I try to stay calm and cool.
    Hope you have a nice and sunny day without a hot day with all your beautiful followers and gardening.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      I do that —open windows — at my house. Right now, I’m letting the relatively cool air in, and when it heats up outside, I’ll close everything up.

      Grief is a strange thing — it makes sense that the longer she’s been gone, the sadder you feel, but eventually, that reverses itself, and we feel less sad. Though why that should be, I don’t know, because every year that goes by is another year of missing the person. The restrictions because of the pandemic only make things worse.

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