Three Tons of Rock

Yesterday before I went to work, I posted a photo of the edging the workers were putting in place to contain the crushed rock pathway. To my astonishment, by the time I got home, they’d mostly completed the work.

That’s three tons of rock they moved!! Actually, it’s more like six tons because the younger worker shoveled it out of the hauler into a wheelbarrow and dumped it where it was supposed to go. The other worker shoveled it into place and raked it smooth. So each of them handled all three tons. I can’t even imagine being so strong. I’m lucky to be able to move an occasional bucketful of dirt when necessary.

They were disappointed that they weren’t able to complete the job. There is one small area by the back gate still to be filled in, as well as a few more of the edging pieces to be pounded into place, but before they can finish, they need to get more supplies, which is an iffy proposition since the landscaping firm they get it from is only open by appointment in the fall and winter.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying the new look — and feel — of my yard. It’s great to be able to move around without worrying about stumbling in holes or tripping over weeds.


What if God decided S/He didn’t like how the world turned out, and turned it over to a development company from the planet Xerxes for re-creation? Would you survive? Could you survive?

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2 Responses to “Three Tons of Rock”

  1. Uthayanan Says:

    From the photo your yard getting more and more finished and beautiful.
    You can always get weeds easily from the neighborhood from air or animals because of your metal net walls.
    There is a possibility from the weed seeds already in your soil.
    With the crushed rocks and with your hard work that I hope in the future there will be less weeds to worry.
    Next spring you are going to get more beautiful flowers and you can have more pleasure to take beautiful photos.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      I also hope there will be less weeds next year. And even less the year after that. I think there are a lot of seeds in the soil. I dug out another area to plant daylilies, and the prostrate knotweed and spurge are growing faster than the flowers.

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