I Spy With My Little Eye

I spy with my little eye something beginning with the letter “B.” Not just one thing, actually. Lately I’ve been spying a lot of things beginning with “B.”

Blossoms of course. Although I don’t have many flowers, there are enough to add splotches of color to my yard. These African daisies certainly are cheerful!

Butterflies. Not “of course,” because I seldom see any butterflies, but yesterday, a bunch of yellowish white butterflies (cabbage butterflies, probably) descended on my yard. The adults are not harmful, and the larvae are only harmful if you are growing things like cabbages and Brussel sprouts. These butterflies are migratory, which could be why there are so many so suddenly.

Surprisingly, while I was watching these small butterflies, a monarch — looking ever inch the king among its smaller subjects — stopped by to dine, too.

Bees. Bumblebees. I used to see these big black and yellow furry bees only sporadically, but I see them quite frequently now. They seem to really like my zinnias.

Beetles. I don’t pay attention to beetles so I don’t know how ubiquitous they are around here, though I imagine there are many species mucking around in my dirt, but I’ve never seen a beetle as big as the one I saw late yesterday — it was pure black and must have been an inch and a half to two inches in length. Before I could get my camera, it disappeared beneath the ornamental rock, which is fine — I’m not really that interested in coming across such a monstrosity in my image folder.

Oddly, I haven’t been seeing many birds lately, just a few migrating vultures, though there must be plenty of birds in the area because those who keep their feeders full are always having to top them off.

Your turn. What did you spy today?


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One Response to “I Spy With My Little Eye”

  1. Uthayanan Says:

    You are actually contemplating upon flowers.

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