One Week Until the Blog Blast for Peace

A week from today is the annual Blog4Peace event, where bloggers from all over the world post photos and essays about peace. I do not think such an outpouring of peaceful musings will do anything to bring about world peace for the simple reason that such unrest is not an organic matter, rising independently of human action, but is purposely created by powerful people who want more power. The rest of us are quite willing to live peacefully in our own small worlds, without ever causing a riot or a war, though minor contretemps do arise now and again.

Despite my cynicism when it comes to world peace, I participate in this Blog Blast for Peace because it’s worthwhile. (And because it gives me a topic to blog about, and topics are sometimes hard to come by.) One day a year, people are focused on peace, on bringing about peace (if only in their own lives), on something other than sowing discord on the internet.

And who knows. As Mimi Lenox, the founder of Blog4Peace, believes, words are powerful. If enough of us concentrate on a single thought for a single day, there’s no telling what can be accomplished. So, on November 4, I will be blogging for peace. What about you? You don’t need to have a blog to participate; you can post your offering on any of the social sites.

How To Blog For Peace:

  1. Choose a graphic from the peace globe gallery from the photos on Facebook!/BlogBlastForPeace/app_153284594738391 Right click and Save. Decorate it and sign it, or leave as is.
  2. Send the finished globe to
  3. Post it anywhere online November 4 and title your post Dona Nobis Pacem (Latin for Grant us Peace)

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? See you on November 4!


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