Winter in July

I checked out a Christmas novel at the library this morning, hoping that the cool chill of winter from the story would bring relief from the summer heat, and oh, what magic! Shortly after starting to read the story, I distinctly felt cooler. I must confess that the coolness wasn’t literary magic but electrical magic — the air conditioner clicked on.

Still, I take my magic however it comes.

Most often, these days, the magic that comes my way is in the form of “yard pretties.” Right now, most of the colors in my yard are varying shades of greens, from the grass, from plants that have flowered and are taking a breath before producing more flowers, from plants that have spent their blossom-forming energy, and from seedlings that are too young to flower.

And yet, there are splashes of color wherever I look. A patch of golden zinnias,

a trio of black-eyed Susans,

a dwarf red plains coreopsis,

an especially eye-dazzling daylily,

and Johnny jump ups.

Oddly, despite their delicate looks, (like miniature pansies), Johnny jump ups are rather aggressive. The Forest Service says it’s an invasive species that has contributed to the decline of 42% of U.S. endangered and threatened species. Eek. Despite the “eek” factor, I doubt my single plant will do much damage to the environment even if it survives the winter, either the literary winter the Christmas novel will bring this July or the actual winter the spinning Earth will bring in December.


What if God decided S/He didn’t like how the world turned out, and turned it over to a development company from the planet Xerxes for re-creation? Would you survive? Could you survive?

A fun book for not-so-fun times.

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3 Responses to “Winter in July”

  1. Uthayanan Says:

    Pat it is beautiful your flowers and the varieties.
    Humain species in view of disappearance
    In my point of view the most dangerous species in view of disappearance were human beings.
    I am still very much affected with my grief but there is some way of peace and resilience.
    I try to keep well all my plants and flowers
    Please take care of yourself and your garden with plants.

  2. rami ungar the writer Says:

    You’re not the only one looking to bring the holiday season to July. The local ballet company is doing a couple of performances of Nutcracker this month. You can sit in a cool theater and get to imagine that it is the holiday season and it’s snowing outside.
    Personally, I’m waiting for everyone to start celebrating the Halloween season with me. Should start around late August, early September, depending on when the stores start putting up merchandise and decorations.

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