Treating Myself

Major doings today! A friend and I treated ourselves to a trip to the big city for a shopping spree, though to be honest, it’s only a big city in comparison to this tiny burg, and the shopping spree was merely to stock up on groceries.

Well, groceries and chrysanthemums in my case. The flowers weren’t a spur of the moment thing — I’d actually planned to buy a mum or two for my garden. They are such a nice addition — adding mounds of greenery during the summer, and copious flowers in the fall. Even better, they come in a variety of colors. A blog reader once sent me a photo of a park that has many mounds of mums with many colors, and I fell in love with the look. The plant already in the ground (bought last year) as well as the three starter plants I got today are a step in the right direction.

My friend teased me about buying more plants when she saw the mums in my cart, but I told her there is no such thing as too many plants, and that’s true, especially when it comes to perennials. More than half of the plants in my various gardens right now are annuals that will need to be replaced (unless, of course, they reseed themselves, which they might).

So, a nice drive, groceries to fill my empty refrigerator, chrysanthemums to plant — but wait, there’s more! After we finished shopping, we had lunch at an Asian restaurant. Pho for her, kung pao chicken for me. Imagine that — not just a treat, but a meal I didn’t have to prepare for myself.

Now I’m hiding inside. Outside temperatures are just shy of 100 degrees Fahrenheit (an interesting side affect of having international readers is that I finally learned how to spell Fahrenheit without the help of spellcheck), and even briefly stepping outside is enough to fry my skin. People always say, “but it’s a dry heat.” I do know firsthand that a humid heat makes people feel as if they are smothered in a hot, heavy, wet blanket, but dry heat sears. So basically, there is no such thing as a comfortable 100-degree day.

Tomorrow will be about twenty degrees cooler, and Saturday will be twenty degrees cooler than Friday, so that will be a big treat. (Lots of talk of treats today!)

I’m purposely not looking beyond Monday’s weather because Tuesday will be back in the nineties, yikes. Though maybe after a few cooler days, the heat will be a treat. But I doubt it.

Now that I’ve finished my blog stint for the day, I’ll be heading to the couch to read, and that, too is a treat — a comfortable perch, a book, and air-conditioning. Lovely.

I hope you managed to treat yourself today, too.


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