System Restore for Our Lives

When it works right, System Restore is a wonderful computer feature. If something goes wrong, if your computer gets a virus or starts acting abnormally, you can choose a restore point, and go back in time to the way your computer was on a previous day.

My computer got a virus of some sort that generated hundreds of tiny .png files that looked like the French flag. I have Trend Micro, but the full scan takes more than a couple of hours, so I most often do a quick scan, and somehow that virus snuck through. Anyway, since it seemed to elude the program, I did a system restore and voila! All of a sudden it is October 11, 2011 again. At least in my computer.

This made me think: if I had system restore for my life, would I use it? And if so, what restore point would I use? I’d choose a point before he (my life mate) got sick, of course, but he was sick for so very long, we’d have to choose a point many years ago, and I’m not sure I’d want to relive all those years. Would we do anything different to prevent his dying? I doubt it — he always took care of himself — eating healthy, exercising, taking various supplements that improved his situation. I don’t know what else we could have done (especially since, once we were restored to that point, we probably wouldn’t know that we had been living in the future, and hence wouldn’t know to try anything else).

Instead of condemning him to relive all those years, maybe I could choose a restore point closer to his death, but that would be so unfair of me to put him through that again just so I’d get to see him one more time.

And, here’s the kicker. System Restore doesn’t always restore exactly. (Firefox stopped working, and my Trend Micro crashed when I tried to do a full scan.) These computer problems are fixable — I uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled it, and I’ll probably do the same with Trend Micro — but what if we, after life’s system restore, weren’t exactly restored to the condition we were back then? What if we picked up a glitch, with one of our organs deciding not to work properly? The thought makes me shudder — it was hard enough living those years the first time.

I guess, in the end, I would choose to leave things as they are. Perhaps he’s better where he is, assuming he is anywhere, and me? Well, I have enough glitches in my computer. I don’t need any more of them in my life.