Days Are Just Packed

I tend to think I don’t do much, but lately I’ve had to revisit that thought. Ever since gardening weather has hit, I spend a couple of hours outside every day, either watering, transplanting, weeding, mowing, or whatever catches my attention that day.

Although it’s hard work, I enjoy having the excuse to be outside. I don’t like to just sit for more than a few minutes outside with nothing to do, and I get too distracted to read. I’m also not one for playing outside. Even if I wanted to ignore my age (and sometimes wonky knees), I don’t have anyone to play with, so I appreciate having an excuse — even if it’s work — to enjoy my yard, especially the watering since it’s easy and gives me a chance to see how each plant is doing. I don’t yet have a lawn (and haven’t decided if I will have one, though I am thinking a small patch of grass might be nice) so I don’t use a sprinkler but hand water my bushes, shrubs, and flowers. All of these things are still babies, but I’m hoping as the summer progresses, I’ll have more things to enjoy seeing while I play at gardening.

Today I spent my outside time digging up prostrate knotweed, an almost hopeless endeavor, (though I have been told it makes for a good lawn in these parts; it’s just not good in a garden).

Afterward, I walked to the hardware store to see if they had any plants left. Though the pickings were slim, I did get a couple, as well as a bit of a discount because of it being so late in the season.

On the way home, I met a friend out walking her own errands, so we visited a bit.

Then I went to check on the house I’m looking after for an absent friend.

And to put a cap on my day, a worker came to start painting my basement. Admittedly, I wasn’t the one doing the work, but I can’t really relax when someone else is in my house, so it felt as if I were working.

Yep, days are just packed!


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