A Concrete Saga

Construction is endlessly fascinating to me. I’d never seen anything as big as a garage foundation poured before so I had to document the process. Besides, what else is a camera for?

I did get a kick out of the guys. They were very gracious about my photo taking, though at one time, one of the fellows asked if I got their good sides. I said I was very circumspect and tried not to get to many photos of them from the back as they were bending over, and he replied, “Those are our good sides.” Then he added, “Too bad. You could have told everyone those were the asses who poured the foundation.” That really made me laugh. Now I wish I had a photo of them from the back so I could tell that anecdote. But you notice, I managed to find a way to insert it anyway.

Here’s the concrete saga:

Now we have to wait a week until it dries, and then the skeleton goes up. Should be fun! For me, anyway.


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