Writing Is an Adventure. Be Bold!

All too often, inexperienced writers tiptoe through their novels, letting major events — fistfights, gunplay, murders, betrayals — take place off-page. It’s much easier to let characters emote afterward than for the writer to take the time and trouble to tackle the action scene. I know I have passed on opportunities to create such scenes, thinking the characters’ reactions all-important, but I forgot one thing: readers need to experience the drama.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the confidence to bring such complex scenes to life, to juggle the many elements that comprise an action scene, but the only way to learn is to plunge headfirst into action. Write it fast and fearlessly; let the words fall where they may. You can always clean up the mess in rewrites.

Beth H., a fellow writer, posted an article “Going All the Way” that I bookmarked as a reminder not to play it safe, not to hold back. By jumping into situations that test your characters and your writing ability, you can give your stories drama that stands apart from the common.

Writing is an adventure and, as Beth said, “Give yourself freedom to go all the way.”

2 Responses to “Writing Is an Adventure. Be Bold!”

  1. James Rafferty Says:

    Hi Pat,

    Yes, we need to put our cautions aside and reach for the “brass ring”.

    I enjoy your posts, here and on Gather. There’s always food for thought and a pointed view on aspects of writer’s craft. Thank you.


  2. Margay Says:

    This is great advice. I will have to keep it uppermost in mind next time I need to write a sequence that I might usually shy away from – i.e., the action sequence.

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