What Kind of Blogger Are You?

All bloggers are created equal. We start out with a blank template, an idea, a hope of words to come, but we do not stay equal. In my journeys around the blogosphere, I have noticed many different kinds of bloggers. What kind are you?

Blogger – one who blogs on a regular basis.
Clogger – one who clogs cyberspace with unused or abandoned blogs.
Plogger – one who plugs away at their blog, managing one or two posts a week.
Slogger – one who blogs occasionally. Halfway between a clogger and a plogger.
Logger – one who logs in frequently to check stats and comments.
Flogger – one who blogs to sell a product or an idea.
Glogger – one who guzzles while blogging.
Catalogger – one who blogs while holding a cat in their lap.
Kittylogger – one who blogs while a kitten sits on the keyboard.
Epilogger – one who blogs about the end of the world as we know it.
Monologger – one who blogs on and on about a single topic.
Dialogger – one who carries on digital conversations with commenters.
Decalogger – one who blogs about the Ten Commandments or other religious topics.
Decilogger – one who has ten or more blogs.
Analogger – one who doesn’t blog, doesn’t know what a blog is, or doesn’t own a computer.

4 Responses to “What Kind of Blogger Are You?”

  1. sandysays1 Says:

    So true, so true! You might want to add the “Politilogger” and the “Crudologger.” The Politilogger is a turkey who invades everyones tags with unwanted political BS. The Crudologger is a 70 IQ type who has a four letter limit on the words in his vocabulary. Loved your entry.

  2. Peanut Says:

    I am a plogger and a logger.
    My computer illiterate is an analogger.

  3. Cynical Scribble Says:

    Nice list of names! I’m a plogger (depending what mood I’m in) and logger. I don’t like decaloggers!

  4. Suzanne Francis Says:

    I guess I am a plogger flogger. Who is sometimes a catalogger.

    How about frogger–someone who hops from topic to topic?

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