Blog Tour 2009

Today is the first day of the Daughter Am I blog tour, and frankly, I’m a bit nervous. Although I always intended to post to my own blog every day, I’ve only managed to average three or four times a week, yet here I have committed myself to thirty-five days of guest blogging, together with at least a brief post here to keep everyone up-to-date on my touring activities. That is a total of 70 bloggeries in 35 days! Do you think I can do it? Of course I can — I will have to.

Today I am honored to be a guest at Make Mine Mystery. I’ll be talking about cultivating humor and how it can enhance even the most suspenseful or terrifying story. I hope you disagree, that way we can have a lively discussion! So please click on this link to visit: Make Mine Mystery and be sure to leave a comment.

You can find the almost complete Daughter Am I tour here: Blog Tour 2009. I should already have the topics picked, the articles written, the promotion finished, but as you can see, it is still a work in progress.  

If you haven’t already participated in my DAUGHTER AM I HAS FINALLY BEEN PUBLISHED! LET’S PARTY!! party, then please come! I would enjoy your company.  You might enjoy it, too. There are puzzles, games, and a giveaway for everyone.

Odd to think that I am doing something I never thought I’d do — post a blog with no redeeming value, just announcements.  Can I say in my defense that I’ve been staying up till 2 or 3 a.m., first to put my party together, and then to work on my blog tour? No wonder I’m not writing.

DAIClick here to buy Daughter Am I from Second Wind Publishing, LLC. 

Click here to buy Daughter Am I from Amazon.

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2 Responses to “Blog Tour 2009”

  1. Sheila Deeth Says:

    I’m surprised you’re awake enough to post. But congratulations and I hope you really enjoy the tour. My blogging’s probably going to start getting quiet as boys come home for mid-term, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the other wonderful things.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      I hope you’re still available on November 9th for my appearance on your blog! Selfish of me, isn’t it? But not entirely — I do hope you have fun with your family.

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