Help! I Need Blog Talk Radio Topics

I’m scheduled to be interviewed on a blog radio show in a couple of weeks. I’m not sure how that happened because I never actually said I’d do it. Still, there it is. Or rather, there I will be. The problem is, they want me to send them a list of five things I would like to discuss about me and my work, and I don’t have anything in particular I’d like to say. (Seems strange, doesn’t it? It’s their show, so obviously they have some sort of agenda. I have no agenda, yet I have to supply the questions.)

So, I’m asking you: what topics should I send them? Is there anything about my books or writing you’d be interested in hearing about? Any noteworthy questions you were asked in an interview that you’d like to pass along? Any questions about books or writing that haven’t been asked ad nauseum? Anything?

10 Responses to “Help! I Need Blog Talk Radio Topics”

  1. mlfhunt Says:

    This is an opportunity to discuss how much the world needs to know about grieving…

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      You think? Hmmm. It’s one thing to write about grief, another to talk about it. And yet, grief does fit with a show about writing since I did write a book about it. What question should I have them ask me to lead into the topic?

  2. Deborah Owen Says:

    I’d like to hear you talk about techniques to survive grief and what others can say or do to help a grieving person. I can almost hear your answer to the last one, but you’re a technical, methodical person. Please give it some thought. Wishing you the best. I know you’ll do just great! Deb

  3. ROD MARSDEN Says:

    How about ways of getting your writing known to people? You write a book and then what happens? The various ways of letting potential readers know it is out there. We all have our ways but it is always a hot topic. What may work for one writer may not work for another but there’s always plenty of fat to chew on such a topic.

    Also, the ebook and its effect on the industry. How can you make the ebook work for you as a writer rather than against you? After all, the idea is to get readers. Does the format matter that much if you can succeed through the new way of doing things? It may be true that you either take to new technology or be left behind. So how do you make the new technology part of your game plan? There are books being sold for 99c. There are books being given away. How do you cope with that?

    Also, a number of book chains in the USA such as Borders have fallen on hard times. Also a number of book chains in Australia and other countries. What are the best strategies of dealing with this situation? Also take into account the wobbly USA and European economy. People are tightening their belts. How do you get them to untighten their belts a little when it comes to what you have to offer in terms of reading matter?

    What do you think there is about your books that would make people want to read them? We all ask this question about our own writing. Doesn’t mean it is a bad question. It will touch upon your style and who you expect to make contact with as a writer.

    Does your past play much of a role in your writing? What is it about you, your past and possible future that would interest readers? Again questions writers tend to ask themselves.

    That’s it. I hope some of this proves useful.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      Good questions, Rod!! Your suggestions definitely prove useful. Some I have no answers for, such as how to make the ebook revolution work for me, but it will give me something to think about, and maybe I can at least toss some ideas around. And your last suggestion about my past playing a role in my writing would lead to mention of the grief book. Thank you!

  4. Carol Jackson Says:

    If you talk about writing and blogging, I’d certainly mention your character interviews you have on your blog! I think its a facinating way for people to promote thier books and let people get to know some of thier characters! Let people know you have this avalible, both readers and writers! I wish more people would make something like this avalible! I hope to do more with what you’ve done with my characters, but my life pretty much caved in in Feb, and there appears to be no end in sight for either of the problems that happened 2 days apart. But you go girl! ps I have recommended your character interviews to people!

  5. Pat Says:

    Consider who your audience is. If it’s writers, they’ll want to hear about how to got your book finished. How you got you book published. Readers or potential readers may take notice if you talk about how you developed the theme and characters.

  6. David Domincki Says:

    Very interesting points you have observed , thankyou for putting up. “Above all be true to yourself, and if you can not put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.” by Hardy D. Jackson.

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