Sand by Any Other Name is . . . Beach

I’ve been walking in the desert almost every day and as much as I enjoy my sandy treks, I decided I needed a change, so I took a trip to Santa Monica in California and found . . . yep. Sand.

Santa Monica Beach

It must be sand that brings out the mystic in me, because I sitting on the beach, looking at the ocean, and what should have been a startlingly wonderful experience was lovely, but not startling. It occurred to me that all this practice of being me, of being in my body, of being present, makes every experience unique in it’s own way. Of course, being in the moment at the beach is more fun that being in the moment in a traffic jam, but both add up to the moments of our lives.

Here are a few moments from Santa Monica.

Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Pier

One-Man Band — part of the never ending human carnival on Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica Mountains as seen from the pier

End of the Trail

2 Responses to “Sand by Any Other Name is . . . Beach”

  1. joylene Says:

    I think your moments were wonderful, and I would have liked to share them with you. I love water, looking at water, but not necessarily swimming in it. It’s September and I just realized I wasn’t in our lake all summer and now it’s too cold. It does look beautiful though.

    Very appealing photographs, Pat.

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