Making a Video Blurb

Grief: The Great Yearning is a finalist in the memoir category for the Sharp Writ Book Awards, and I need to put together a 30 second book trailer for their “awards ceremony” video. Thirty seconds isn’t long enough to do a real book trailer, so I’m doing a few photos and text pages — more like a video blurb. I found a thirty second piece of Beethoven’s music — since it’s the last completed piano piece Beethoven ever wrote, it seems fitting — and I have been working on the pages. Do you think these will work?  Is it a bit over the top with the title on each page? Do the photos fit with the theme? Any suggestions for improvement?










4 Responses to “Making a Video Blurb”

  1. Una Tiers Says:

    Pat you have 30 seconds and 9 frames. That may not be enough time for the audience to read the screen. I like it overall, but you may have to drop some images or some words. I love the classical music. Is this in video form?

  2. Wanda Says:

    Nice job Pat! Congratulations of this honor!

    As for my opinion, I think the title on each page does go over the top. Instead something like “Tracing one woman’s struggle to survive the first year following the death of her soul mate.” And “A great comfort to those tossed into the whirlwind of grief and the agony of disbelief.” And “An exquisite book wrenching to read, full of profound truths.” And “A moving tribute to Jeff’s life, Pat’s courage and the deep and abiding love they shared.” Of the pictures if you have to remove one I’d take out the one of the desert with you in the distance. The other pictures are right on topic. The picture of you and Jeff together is beautiful.

    Your courageous book deserves every tribute and honor it garners. You’re a wonderfully talented writer whose words speak on a deep level to everyone reading them.

    Hugggs girl

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      Wanda, Thank you for your perspicacious suggestions. I didn’t get them soon enough to remove the title from the text pages, and I’d already finished the video the way I had it, but someday when I am not so rushed (I need to send it to them in the next day or two), I will redo the video according to your suggestions. All except the first photo, that is.

      I know it looks like the desert, but it’s him in Colorado at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, a few months before he died. (It’s the north rim of the canyon, just a mere 20 miles from where we lived.) I didn’t even know I had the photo, but I found it in the file after he was gone, and it shattered what was left of my heart. It looked as if he’d already been moving away from me toward eternity. Oddly, though I didn’t plan it, the three photos I used in the video were all taken within a few minutes of each other on that excursion. The gnarled tree with the stormy clouds, the profound depth of the canyon, the photo of him looking to eternity all now seem to be signs of my unconscious grief.

      And thank you for the hugs, Wanda. I have become a hug junkie.

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