Author Karma and Paying it Forward

For more than nine years, I have been interviewing authors, publishers, even book characters for my Pat Bertram Introduces . . . blog. I have promoted almost 500 authors and never asked for a single thing in return. I figured (silly me!) that some of the authors would do something for me as a thank you, but only a handful of people ever offered a reciprocal promotion, and in fact, most never even helped promote their own interview, expecting me to do all the work. Periodically, I would stop doing interviews, but whenever I had time, I would continue doing them, because, well, you never know if the right interviewee would come along and help catapult me into, if not big time, then bigger time. Besides, it seemed the right thing to do. And I did have the blog. . . .

For some reason lately, maybe because I’m trying to promote my books and few writers are doing anything to help, not even something simple like sharing a post on Facebook or retweeting a post on Twitter, the whole thing has struck me as terribly wrong.

So I changed my policy. If you want me to interview you, I’m still willing to do it, but I have made it a requirement that you promote my books in return. Doesn’t seem like too much to ask, especially since it can be something simple like tweeting my books (tweeting your own interview is not a promotion for me; it is a promotion for you).

Author karma and paying it forward were big concepts back when my books were first published, but come to think of it, that was mostly talk. Even back then, before the plethora of “indie” authors, no one bothered to return my favor. I suppose it’s understandable — most authors seem to think they are special and so deserve special treatment. After all, generally, they are the only author they know.

But still . . . it’s interesting to me that no author ever asked me why I was interviewing them. They all took my promoting them for granted, as if it was their right.

I sound very bah humbugish, don’t I? So not the spirit of Christmas! But too bad. If you want my help, you help me in return. As simple as that. As you can see by clicking on the link, I put the announcement that my interviews were no longer a free service in bold letters. Do you think anyone will pay attention? I don’t.

Wishing you a bah humbug sort of day.

Pat Bertram is the author of the suspense novels UnfinishedMadame ZeeZee’s Nightmare, Light BringerMore Deaths Than OneA Spark of Heavenly Fireand Daughter Am IBertram is also the author of Grief: The Great Yearning, “an exquisite book, wrenching to read, and at the same time full of profound truths.” Connect with Pat on Google+. Like Pat on Facebook.

12 Responses to “Author Karma and Paying it Forward”

  1. Jan Says:

    I have only one thought…how rude of them!

  2. LordBeariOfBow Says:

    Sounds pretty logical to me, if you were an Australian you’d probably advise the authors who want to be interviewed to go visit a taxidermist, Thats telling them to go and get stuffed 😈 we’re a crude mob and say what we mean.
    Reading this made me glad I’m not a twit I don’t ‘Twitter” and don’t go do facebook!b Wish the word check thing would stop telling me that facebook is a proper noun requiring a BIG F , I don’t put a big G on my garbage bIn

  3. Kathy Says:

    I remember those early days of blogging when we writers helped each other by posting and linking on our blogs. Those were fun times I sorely miss. And why I linked to your 50 days post. These days my biggest audience seems to be centered around poetry but I’d be happy to post something for you.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      It did seem like a gentler time, more of a feeling of “we’re all in this together” than the cutthroat atmosphere of the author community today. I appreciate your linking to my 50 days post (and so thrilled you decided to do your own challenge). I was not referring to you at all in this karma blog post. You’ve always been kind to me. But if you would like to post something for me, that would be wonderful.

  4. rami ungar the writer Says:

    You’re always welcome to be interviewed by me, Pat.

  5. Help Me Plan My Next Big Adventure! | Bertram's Blog Says:

    […] Author Karma and Paying it Forward […]

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