The workers showed up this morning before I could take a shower. They weren’t supposed to come until tomorrow — they were needed to help put up trusses on a commercial barn — but the wind prevented them from working at the farm, so they came here. I considered taking a shower anyway. I mean, it’s not as if anything would happen. But when they started working on the other side of the wall where the shower is, I decided against taking the shower even though I have to go to work later. I doubt anyone would care either way, but the idea made me feel a bit vulnerable. Besides, what if something happened that needed my attention, and I was otherwise occupied?

Within an hour, though, hail started pounding the area, so they took off and I got my shower.

And the hail turned into snow.

I hadn’t expected the snow showers. It’s been so warm, I figured it might rain a bit, but certainly didn’t expect it to wet the ground. We haven’t had a significant rain in months, and that was merely an isolated shower. (Hmm. Seems as if I have a theme here — various showers. Too bad I’m going to work and not heading out for a baby shower or a wedding shower, then I could really milk the theme!)

Later, my contractor stopped by with a care package. He’s getting into the butchering business (this guy can do anything, I think, even rodeoed when he was young) and I get the benefits of this new business of his. Maple cured ham steaks. Bacon. Steaks. Sausage and ground beef. All grown and butchered right here, not three miles from where I live.

I also get local honey from my beekeeper neighbors. Such a treat, all of this! Too bad there aren’t many produce growers around here anymore, but I’m going to have a raised garden built, and so I might be able to grow some of my own.

Meantime, I will enjoy the largess of others.

And I will enjoy the snow. If I remember correctly, this is the first inclement weather we’ve had since I started working, so it should be interesting. Still, the walk is only two blocks, I have good hiking shoes that are perfect for walking in the sort of snow we get, and I have a walking stick.

Besides, by the time I need to leave, it might be warmed up enough that the snow turns into a shower.


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  1. Constance J Koch Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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