A special benefit of holidays, particularly in times such as these, is that people make an effort to reach out, even if only by phone or text. Because of this, even if I hadn’t made plans to go to friends for dinner, I would have been far from lonely. Not that I would have been lonely either way — I’m used to being by myself and besides, holidays have lost much of their appeal. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m alone or getting old or becoming jaded, but that’s the truth of it.

Still, it was nice to spend the day with friends — more than friends, actually: a makeshift family of sorts. None of us have biological family nearby, and we mesh well. It seems miraculous, this “family.” None of us were born in this town, two of us weren’t even born in this country. And yet somehow, here we all are, blown together by the fates.

The feast reflected this cultural fusion with the traditional turkey and cranberry sauce, but also Korean potatoes, Thai spring rolls, and a Mexican cheesecake for dessert.

Because the table was heaped with food, we each ate at our own little table. Though it was unplanned, we did what we were supposed to and kept a “social” distance.

I hope your day (whether it was a holiday you celebrate or not) was as nice as mine.


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One Response to “Fusion”

  1. Kathy Says:

    How lovely! We had our usual quiet non traditional holiday and started decorating, which was quite comforting, as if this was a normal year. But even in the best of times, holidays are hard for me as I grew up without them. Something I’ve never quite gotten the hang of. Usually, I like to travel during them but not this year. Still, much to be thankful for!

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