Showing My Life

People often express concern about my posting photos of my house and my yard. They think I am setting myself up for theft or home invasion or some such, and perhaps that’s true. However, most people who read this blog don’t know exactly where I live — in fact, most live in distant parts of the United States or in other countries — and those who do know where I live, know because they have actually been to the house. Despite that, I realize anyone can find anyone nowadays, probably with just a few keystrokes, so it behooves all of us to be careful.

In a way, posting photos works in my favor because although my rooms look inviting, it’s quite obvious there’s nothing of value in the house. The furniture is old, handed down from relatives; the kitchenware was inexpensive when I bought it decades ago; and whatever tools I have are both handed down and inexpensive. Still, when it comes to a more expensive tool (expensive compared to old rakes and shovels, but still relatively cheap), such as the lawn mower I use, I make sure not to post any photos, though truly, that’s not the sort of thing that goes missing around here. The tools people like to steal are the sort they can pocket and perhaps pawn — or maybe even pawn off on an unsuspecting buyer.

I am careful, though, at least as careful as I know how to be. If I were to go on a trip, I wouldn’t talk about it until I returned home again. It really is nuts the way people post their vacation photos while they are away, as if to tell the world, “No one’s home. Feel free to break into my house.”

I did post photos when I took my cross-country trip, but even then, I waited until I’d moved to my next stop before I posted the previous stop’s photos on the off chance (the off, off, off chance) that someone would be stalking me. At the time, I had no home, so it didn’t matter if people knew I was away, but I had enough people telling me how dangerous it was for a woman to travel alone that I took a few precautions. I’m glad nothing dire happened, and even more than that, I’m glad I took the trip. Although I thought that trip would be the first of many, it turned out to be the first of merely a few. I tend to think my traveling days are now over, especially since I spent my travel money on a garage. But truly, if I do ever take off, I won’t be announcing to the world that my house is empty.

Still, whether I heed people’s warnings or continue showing my life, I do appreciate the concern. It’s nice to know people care.


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6 Responses to “Showing My Life”

  1. Uthayanan Says:

    Pat I know that you are not a materialistic person.
    But some times when you expose your personal things.
    Example: painting made by you it is not worth for you but Somebody will interested.
    Sometimes I am not afraid about valuables things but somebody will hurt you for nothing. Nowadays it is very easy to get into your house.
    Repair your front door or your garage door will not take lot of money but I feel that you will never appreciate!
    For a pirate It is easy to trace your house with your name and internet domaine. (Maybe not interested).
    I love to live in a world not to lock my door simply to close for the animals.
    I have seen some dogs and cats can open a door with the knob.
    Bears can open doors and car doors !
    Lots of thieves can get into your house and leave while you are sleeping.
    I may be wrong but it is simply my point of view.

  2. Estragon Says:

    In my experience, the people who steal lawnmowers, power tools, etc. aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed themselves. It’s not a bad idea to be cautious with online postings anyway, but I suspect the petty thieves are more likely to be trolling around alleys looking for unlocked doors and other obviously easy prey, kids on a dare, or some other such foolishness.

    The online baddies might be more apt to put a mortgage on the house and pocket the cash than to break in?

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      If they tried to mortgage my house, they sure as heck wouldn’t get much. This is the poorest area in Colorado and one of the poorest in the country. But yes, there are people who troll the alleys around here, which is why I have a fence with a locked gate. Before I locked the gate, someone came in during a snowstorm and searched through my property. As you say, not the brightest. If there hadn’t been snow on the ground, I would never have known because nothing was missing. Of course, there wasn’t anything to steal but an old and twisted snow shovel anyway.

  3. Stuart Danker Says:

    Thing is, anyone who’s able to make sense of pics alone is probably more dangerous that we give them credit for, and if that’s the case, pics will be the last thing that you should worry about.

    You do you, Pat!

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