Seasons Out of Season

It’s been very windy the past few weeks, as well as rainy, but starting around seven this evening, the wind is supposed to die down. The rains are also supposed to be leaving us for a while.

What this has to do with anything in my life, I’m not really sure, except that I get to experience the flow of the seasons. Or more accurately, the flow of seasons when they’re out of season. Except for the relatively cool temperatures, it has seemed more like July monsoon season around here. Many recent days were pleasant in the morning, with the winds bringing rain (and more wind) in the afternoon and evening.

But then, the seasons have always been out of whack in Colorado. I remember Christmases when I was young that were so warm, we played outside in the sun without coats. I remember Easters that were so wintery, our Easter finery was buried beneath snowsuits or heavy coats and leggings. (Leggings today are merely footless tights. Leggings in my youth were heavy wool pants worn beneath skirts for the trek to school or church to keep our legs from freezing.)

I’m looking forward to the quiet (and the lack of headaches) that comes from still air. No creaking branches on neighborhood trees that sound as if they will be breaking any minute. No roaring gusts of wind. No windchimes. Just . . . quiet.

Even so, except for perhaps a few hours in the early morning or an occasional overheated day when one desperately hopes for a breeze, it’s never really still out here on the plains. There are no mountains to act as windbreaks, no hills or forests, though luckily, the winds aren’t as fierce in town. Also luckily, my circadian rhythm now tends to favor the dawn. (That’s not my preference. I prefer to sleep in, but my body senses the rising sun, and that’s the end of any possibility of shut-eye.) It’s probably smart, anyway, to do my outside summer chores in those cooler hours. I certainly don’t need to be pulling weeds when the temperatures climb into the nineties and hundreds

But that’s not something I need to think about now. Today, I just need to hold on for another few hours. Then the dangerous winds will die down, and I will have a semblance of peace . . . for a while, anyway.


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