Leaping Into the Breach

A couple of years after I signed up with my current internet provider, I discovered that a subscription to a virus protection program came with the service. As it turns out, it is the very same protection plan that came loaded on my new computer. After a year of free service through the computer seller, I’d received a good deal on a renewal of that plan because I signed up for two years (though obviously it’s not as good a deal as it would have been if I’d signed up for the protection plan with my internet provider). Even after learning about this benefit from the internet provider, I kept the original program for a while. I didn’t want to lose the money I’d already paid, of course, though it really wouldn’t have mattered since either way, I wouldn’t have to pay any extra and would have still had the same service, but even more than that, I didn’t want to have to download the new program because there are always problems.

I had it marked on my calendar to cancel the original plan this month, but that company decided to auto-renew early via PayPal. I don’t know how that was possible because I didn’t have any money in the bank account associated with PayPal, but it still created an aggravating morning as I got all that straightened out.

Meantime, I’ve had a note by my computer for a couple of weeks now to switch protection plans, but I simply didn’t want the hassle. I also needed to make sure I had a big chunk of free time to get it done so I could solve any problems that might show up. Well, yesterday, I finally girded my loins, faced the music, bit the bullet, sucked it up, leapt into the breach, crossed the Rubicon and seized the opportunity. All those idiomatic expressions are to emphasize the great trepidation I experienced when I finally hit the download button on the internet provider’s website.

After a rocky start (I couldn’t open the downloader and my computer shut itself off out of frustration), things went smoothly. Unbelievable! Even more unbelievable is that after a year of having this whole thing hang over me, it’s finished. Well, finished as long as the internet provider continues to provide the virus protection plan.

Still, it makes me feel good that’s it done. It makes me feel even better that I didn’t have to pay the extortion rate the protection plan company wanted to charge me.


Pat Bertram is the author of intriguing fiction and insightful works of grief.

5 Responses to “Leaping Into the Breach”

  1. annemariedemyen Says:

    Congratulations! I always love to hear about a technical win. My husband bought a new outdoor security camera this week and left it by our computer for me to deal with it. It is just sitting here mocking me, daring me to try. 🤨

  2. Uthayanan Says:

    I respect every body’s choice to have an antivirus or any security camera. As far as a technician of IT. Any thing you connect with your computer and when you use your computer with internet. Pirates and hackers can take control your computer and your security camera.
    It is simply a suggestion of the actuality.
    For example if you forget to scotch or with a tape your of your webcam a pirate can watch you or take control your webcam with the camera.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      I don’t have any device connected to my computer but a printer and the modem, and I’ve covered the camera on the computer with tape. That’s about the best I can do.

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