Taking the Love/Hate Challenge

RAMI UNGAR THE WRITER has nominated me for a love/hate challenge. What I have to do is write ten things I love, ten things I hate, and then challenge ten other bloggers to do the same. I hate this sort of challenge, but love that someone nominated me. (See? Already I’m in the spirit!)

Broken heartThe truth is, there are not many things I love. Dancing of course. Having friends. Freedom. Being published. All the rest of the positive things in my life fall under the category of necessities or disciplines or values.

Although I like walking, it’s more of a necessity — I need to walk. It clears my head, comforts me, makes me feel connected to the world, and provides a means of getting from place to place when I am without a car.

I like blogging, but it’s a discipline as well as a necessity. I need to blog to connect with myself and my online world, but if I don’t adhere to the discipline of blogging every day or whenever I get a chance, I won’t. I’m basically indolent, (a nice way of saying lazy) and need to keep myself focused, otherwise I won’t do anything.

Other things I like, such as my computer, smartphone, and 43-year-old VW fall more under the category of added value than love. Those machines add value to my life, facilitating my connection to the world. (Hmmm. Do you see a pattern here? Walking makes me feel connected to the world. Blogging connects me to myself as well as the online world. And my various machines facilitate those connections.)

There are even fewer things I hate. The top of my hate list is injustice. I despise injustice of all kinds and don’t understand why people/things can’t be fair. I also hate feeling pressured or cornered. Left to my own devices, I am fair, kind, generous. But if I feel pressured, I get resentful and maybe even petty.

So, under the assumption that you too hate feeling pressured or cornered, I won’t list you by name, but I nominate you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, and you. What do you love? What do you hate?


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