No More Secrets

Ken Coffman, a friend from an online writing group left a comment on the thread:  Okay, Pat B, let me throw out a challenge. They say your work environment reflects the inner mind. So, let’s have a picture of your writing area, unedited. I thought it was funny that his book was sitting on my makeshift desk by the computer, so I took the photo and posted it to the group. His response: Okay, now we’re peering deep into your mind…yes, it’s all becoming clear. Few in the way of distractions. The desk can actually be seen in places. Laptop elevated by…newspapers? WIP. Card file. Geisha girl painting. Too late now, we know all, Ms. Bertram.

Why should he have all the fun? You might as well see the photo, then you, too, will know all. 


To the left of the computer is Steel Waters by Ken Coffman. On the right of the computer is The Medicine People by Lazarus Barnhill. (I need to do a review of both books, which is why they are there.) The green folder to the right of that is my work in progress. The blue book way off to the left is the proof copy of my new book Daughter Am I, which will be published in July.

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