Blowing in the Wind

Today has been a challenging day for reasons other than health — either mine or the world’s.

I was all set to go out for a walk this morning when the winds came up. Not breezes. Full winds. Since I was already dressed and not at all gruntled — I’m still feeling a bit ruffled by the minor (very minor) storm some of my posts have created — I figured this would be the perfect time to prune the dead branches from some bushes I’d transplanted because the unpleasant task wouldn’t ruin a good mood or a good day. Considering that most of the bushes that needed to be cut back were native roses, it turned out to be rather a prickly situation. Even with thick work gloves on, I still managed to draw blood.

After I’d wrestled the dead branches into the dumpster, I waited for the winds to calm down so I could run a necessary errand, but it didn’t happen. So I had to uncover my car while the winds were blowing. That turned out to be much the way I imagine it would be if one tried to fold up one’s parasail while one is blowing in the wind. Normally, I could have walked to do my errand — the bank is a mere three blocks away — but now only the drive-up is open. So, considering the battle to unwrap the car and fold up the cover, drive to the bank, head down the road a couple of extra miles to make sure the car got it’s weekly workout, then come back and recover the car, the errand took three or four times what it normally would.

Such are the adventures of my day.

I looked at the weather forecast — a rather foolish endeavor since in the past couple of months, few of those predictions turned out to be correct — and noticed that next week should be very warm, and the week after that quite hot. In the nineties. So I am trying to enjoy this cooler weather, wind notwithstanding.

But it’s March. Winds are to be expected.

Wait! March? No, it’s April! I seem to have lost a month somewhere along the line. Maybe the winds blew it away.


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