Dear (Deleted) — Conversation With a Marketing Expert

One of my blogs is Book Marketing Floozy, a compendium of articles I collected to help authors learn how to market their books. Every time I see good information, I ask the writer for permission to post their article on the blog. (If you’ve written an article about some facet of book marketing, please let me know. I’ll be glad to post it on the site.) The articles all credit the writers and provide whatever links the writers wish. It’s one of my efforts to help promote other authors.

A month ago, a promoter contacted me asking for my help in promotion. This promoter owns a word of mouth marketing company that connects businesses with consumers and consumers with businesses. I thought you might appreciate the irony of our emailed conversation. I’ve deleted names to protect . . . me.

Dec. 27 — Pat, Your website & blog came across my search today — excellent recommendations on here for a niche marketing in the literary world!  How long have you been blogging?

I was curious to know if you might be interested in linking to an online degree program. I work in affiliation with (deleted) College and I wanted to make a recommendation to include the (deleted) College Marketing Management degree in your link list.


Dec. 30 — Dear (Deleted): thank you for your interest in Book Marketing Floozy. I’ve been blogging for three years, and Floozy is just one of the blogs I run (though it isn’t a blog so much as a resource — I post articles sporadically, and most are written by other authors.)

If you’d like to write an article for me to post on the site about some facet of marketing, I’ll be glad to include any links you want. The only condition is that the article has to be informative and helpful — a how-to — rather than simply self-promotion. –Pat


Jan 5 — Pat, We can certainly provide some content for a post.  If that’s the case, ideally would like to provide a link in the post content as well as have a sidebar text link on your homepage or blogroll.  Is this possible? Let me know your thoughts. When would this post?


Jan 5 –Dear (Deleted), I can give you whatever links you want in the content, but I don’t have a blogroll on that site, just a list of my blogs.

If the content is acceptable (helpful rather than self-promoting) I can post it whenever you want me to. –Pat


(Jan 20) Pat, Apologies for the delay in responding:

Attached is good solid information about the course program we discussed.  It’s factual, so hopefully this is acceptable for your blog.

(What she sent was a list of courses along with a list of possible careers.)


Jan 20 — Dear (Deleted), I’m sorry, I didn’t make myself clear. The article has to be a how-to of some facet of promoting. I will then include links for people to get further information about your program. What you sent me is nothing more than an advertisement. Free promotion for you. Book Marketing Floozy is (at least up front) a compendium of articles to help people learn about promotion. The back end, of course, is promotion for you, but you have to give them something to attract their interest. –Pat


Jan 21 — Pat, Below is an informational document about a career in Marketing.  Let me know your thoughts on this – hopefully this is something you can incorporate into your blog!

(This time she sent an expanded version of the course syllabus, explaining the career paths that will be open to students once they have their degree. A very expensive degree, I might add — tens of thousands of dollars in tuition.)


Jan 21 — Dear (Deleted), This article is still a promotion for your program. It doesn’t tell the blog readers how to market their books. That is the whole point of Book Marketing Floozy. To tell people how to do some facet of promotion. Once they see the wisdom in your how-to article, they might click on information about your program, but you have to give them something to get something. You of all people should know that.

Please read the articles at book marketing floozy to see what I mean. I really would like to help you, but Marketing Floozy is a compendium of how-to articles. –Pat


Jan 24 — Pat, Thanks for the opportunity of posting on your website.  However, the whole point of us placing a link is for some type of promotion.  The article was written with the intent of being informational about various marketing careers. We will pass on this opportunity then.  Best wishes to you in the new year!


That was the end of the conversation.

So, there you have it: a marketing company trying to promote a marketing program on Book Marketing Floozy, and the marketer hadn’t a clue what I was talking about. But then, maybe I’m the one who doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

7 Responses to “Dear (Deleted) — Conversation With a Marketing Expert”

  1. Jan Says:

    I’m so glad you didn’t keep this one to yourself – too funny! I have very little marketing background and even I could tell you were probably talking to a human website robot, lol.

    Did you want to go, Knock, Knock, Anyone There? a couple of times during your exchanges? And, to top it off, that last email was like you had contacted them about cross-promotion when, in fact, they had contacted you; too, too funny 🙂

  2. Yosis Says:

    Pat: This is priceless!! Better than fiction, really…although it does call to mind that piece by James Thurber (at least I THINK it was Thurber) depicting an exchange with a publishing company that erroneously sent him a copy of a book he did not order…which prompted an inceasingly absurd and absurder exchange with the firm that never took the 2 seconds required to figure out the original point. Timeless humor. Great stuff!! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Carol J. Garvin Says:

    Self-promotion was obviously the only goal there… hoping to get a free listing on your site. The exchange is too funny! Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve had the odd spam e-mail saying that a company has linked their site to my site and would I be so kind as to provide a reciprocal link. If I respond (and I don’t bother anymore) to say that my blog doesn’t endorse commercial sites and please remove their link to mine, I get an automated advertisement back. I’ve reported one to WordPress and Gmail as a spammer. Drives me crazy but it just seems to be one of the inconveniences of cyber communication.

  4. joylene Says:

    These people aren’t out to help as much as make money. Nothing wrong with that, but where’s the camaraderie? LOL. Or should I say Karma?

    This whole exchange proves to me why I’m one of the luckiest people I know. I’m in a tight spot, all I have to do is shout “Help!” and a dozen writers, marketers, and experienced book promoters come to my rescue. Amazing.

  5. knightofswords Says:

    It shouldn’t have been that difficult for the marketing guy to put together one solid tip. Sigh.

  6. Selena Blake Says:

    That’s classic! And sad. A waste of your valuable time I’m afraid.

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