Gotta Love That Spam!!

I always check my spam folder here on WordPress, partly because some real comments have gotten lost in that black hole, and partly because they tickle me. Whoever is posting these things needs to get a better translator program. (Or perhaps all such programs are faulty?)

This particular bit of spam almost makes sense:

Halloween outfits usually are costume worn out around or on Evening, your event which in turn drops regarding Oct 31st. A Costume carries a fairly limited history. Dressed in costume has long been regarding some other vacations at about the time from Evening, possibly even The holiday season. Some of the earliest referrals that will being dressed in costume located at Evening is within 1895, exactly where “guisers” usually are announced inside Scotland, reliable almost no reference to a dressing up inside Uk, Ireland in Europe, or perhaps the Us until eventually 1900. Early on costume highlighted the actual questionable plus medieval design of this getaway, however , through thirties costume depending on characters inside advertising that include silver screen, literature, plus airwaves were definitely favorite. Evening has been actually touted to provide a children’s getaway, as a method from reining while in the licentious plus damaging behavior from students. Early on Halloween outfits were definitely aimed at youngsters for example, however , following your mid-20th centuries, just as Evening significantly came to be famed by simply older people, the actual Costume has been worn out by simply older people perhaps up to youngsters.

And here’s the ever popular Hey Dude:

Hey, Dude. My group is not considerably into searching at, but somehow I acquired to read several articles on your weblog. Its great how interesting it’s for me to pay a visit to you fairly often.

Others make no sense at all:

Post Standard,mmodern care forget big take afternoon as element totally requirement energy line step paper focus obviously occur used himself figure not threaten reaction perhaps new favour late hurt flat wife crowd recall empty rich protect weapon insist total ago rule train international treatment reaction trade weekend directly tree explore damage revolution during aircraft fear recover politics component actually who for have absolutely work comment notice examine museum main result planning until avoid herself correct sky dress target step connect cold growth beautiful alone meaning insurance deep largely leg hard division.

And some are just fun:

I agree with most of your points, but a couple of want to be discussed further, I will hold a small speak with my partners and perhaps I will appear for you some suggestion soon.

So here’s a small speak for the big spammers: Hey, Dude, don’t make it bad. Take your spam and make it better.

5 Responses to “Gotta Love That Spam!!”

  1. AnnNoe Says:

    Hey, Dude, love your rejoinder.

    Ann here (So you won’t think it’s a real dude.) 🙂

  2. lvgaudet Says:

    Some of them are definately entertaining. Some are even almost relevant. I got one selling gold fillings posted for my tooth fairy story.

    But I agree, if they want it to actually get read, then make it readable and entertaining. Random word generating aps and random character aps will never create spam that will get past the spam filters.

    Of course, that won’t stop me from screening comments to spam out the ones selling online pharmacueticals, sex sites, and anything else completely irrelevant to a writing blog, but at least I might get a chuckle once in a while.

  3. Carol J. Garvin Says:

    I always chuckle at how gullible spammers think I must be. I know the comments are all computer-generated, not composed by real people, but if they want to get attention (or slip in without being caught by spam detection software) you’d think they’d do a better job of it.

    If a comment makes perfect sense and is relevant, I’ll edit out their link and leave the comment, but most times, if it’s being held as spam, I concur and just delete. I’m not very sympathetic to spammers.

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