What To Do When One of Your Beloved Pieces of Art Glass or Pottery Gets Broken

What do you do when one of your beloved pieces of art glass or pottery gets broken?

It breaks your heart to have to throw it away, but what else can you do with it?

Don’t throw it away!! Plant it in your garden.

They make wonderful accent pieces. And you can continue to enjoy their beauty.

I wish this had been my idea, but I’m only passing it along.

The glassware collection and the idea of planting broken pieces of art glass and pottery are my sister’s.
I’m only posting the photos I took in the hopes that you enjoy her pottery garden as much as I did.

6 Responses to “What To Do When One of Your Beloved Pieces of Art Glass or Pottery Gets Broken”

  1. AnnNoe Says:

    What a clever idea! Beautiful pictures by the way.

  2. Carol J. Garvin Says:

    Very creative way to beautify the garden! 🙂

  3. Yosis Says:

    How lovely! I’m definitely going to use this idea!!

  4. Pat Bertram “Appreciation Weekend” Extravaganza | Bertram's Blog Says:

    […] appreciation, she is treating me to a gala weekend in Seattle. Chateau W is, of course, her lovely art-filled home, the only place I’ve ever been that makes me realize how wonderful a house really can be.  […]

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