10 Responses to “Living in Controversial Times”

  1. Royann Behrmann Says:

    It would be nice, if people could simply disagree without being disagreeable. The fine art of conversation seems to have flown out of the proverbial window. So sorry,that you have had a reactionary cut loose.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      It would also be nice if people could simply accept that someone disagrees. It’s easy to cut someone loosed online, a lot harder in real life in a small town. But I’ll deal with it. I always have, one way or another.

  2. Sam Sattler Says:

    That’s, unfortunately, the world we live in today, Pat. There is so much pressure on all of us to “virtue signal” the most politically correct side of any conversation is astounding and scary. Even me using the words “virtue signal” are bound to get me in trouble even here with someone who reads them. But, you know? I’m tired of it and I just don’t care anymore.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      I thought “doublethink” and “thought crimes” would always be just around the corner, and it’s chilling to realize this is not just a time of big brother and big government, but a time of almost total regimentation of thought and behavior. I continue to think about what is going on and search for some speck of truth, so apparently I still care, but I am fast reaching the point where I truly don’t care. It is not my world anymore, if, in fact, it ever was.

  3. jarilissima Says:

    That sounds unpleasant, sorry that happened. I only use social media for fun (just Instagram, some YouTube) and not to connect with family and friends because those faceless interactions aren’t real. For instance, sounds like your friend did alright face-to face, then it devolved online. Why not just insult you to your face, right? Because it’s much harder and it’s not polite.

    I prefer the humanness of eye-to-eye, in-person contact. Never in my life has someone called me bad names to my face, even in the worst of times. Not even in high school! There’s something about being online that makes people just “blah!”

    I hope everything works out with your and your friend. Take care 🙂

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      Thank you!

      I use (used) social sites to develop an online presence as an author, and they are probably still important for that reason. I only starting running into problems when I started connecting with people I knew offline. I think it’s time for me to rework my online philosophy! Because you’re right, it’s easier for people to be rude online.

  4. cowgirlsue Says:

    Usually I don’t block or delete people because I figure there are a fixed number of idiots I have to deal with and there are an infinite number of idiots in the world to take the place of the one you deleted or blocked. I do remember one guy who was mean to me and then a few days later wanted me to join him in his virtual house. I told him I would when I forgot what a jerk he is.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      I really like your attitude! It gives me a way to deal in real life with the local person who insulted me online — to accept that I will have to contend with at least some idiots here in my new life. Better the idiot one knows, I suppose.

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