Make-Believe Worlds

I’m seceding from the world at large and planning on disappearing into make-believe worlds. There are simply too many horrible or stupid or insulting conversations about the election in the real world, the seemingly most innocuous being one of the worst, for me. People are saying that this was a contest between two men and should not be affecting our relationships with one another. While I might agree with the second part (to the extent that people keep their insults and aggressiveness to themselves), I definitely do not agree with the first part. To say it’s a contest between two men makes it seem like a high school presidential election where the most popular person wins. Many of our national elections have been like that, with nothing at stake, but this election is historic. It was not a choice between two men, but between two entirely different directions for the country to take — between freedom and subjugation, between choice and control, between more government and less government.

People on both sides are appalled that so many people voted for the other side, which means, again, that it was not about two men but about all of us.

So, I’m seceding. Or maybe it’s more that I receding. Either way, I’m finding comfort in make believe worlds.

I’ve got books, my yard (though I had to give up on digging up the grass in my garden because the tops of my feet hurt from all that unfamiliar work), and I’m immersing myself in one of those silly hidden objects game where you search for . . . you guessed it . . . hidden objects. I play my own game (which should come as no surprise to anyone who knows anything about me). The game itself is free, but you are expected to buy “energy” (the coin of the realm) with real money as well as various other artifacts, but my game is to find ways of playing free. For example, if players agree to watch a commercial, they get gifts of energy and other e-delights, and I always agree — it gives me a chance to rest my eyes. They also occasionally have a side game that can be played free, as well as “happy hours.”

The game amuses me. It keeps my attention and provides exercise for my not-as-sharp-as-it-once-was memory, but it’s also an excellent example of an inflationary world. The more you play, the more energy you can accumulate, but the more energy you accumulate, the more each phase of the game costs. But, unlike in the real world, I can find ways around the inflation, such as playing the most “expensive” games during happy hour, and only playing the “cheap” games with my accumulated energy.

For now, I’d rather live in the make-believe worlds in games, in novels, and even inside my own head. At least, I don’t have to listen to lies and comments that irk me.

To set the record straight, none of the comments left here have ever irked me in any way. I appreciate every one of you and your comments. But then, this blog, in its own way, is also a make-believe world.


Speaking of make believe worlds, my latest novel Bob, The Right Hand of God is now published! Click here to order the print version of Bob, The Right Hand of God. Or you can buy the Kindle version by clicking here: Kindle version of Bob, The Right Hand of God.

What if God decided to re-create the world and turn it into a galactic theme park for galactic tourists? What then?

10 Responses to “Make-Believe Worlds”

  1. Malcolm R. Campbell Says:

    Make-believe worlds are very addictive these days,

  2. rheashowalter Says:

    I am always playing the hidden object game! Where did I put that object I just had in my hands!? I am thinking about building an island with a friend. Or maybe a trip to live on another planet?! But in reality I am all for escaping to books, my dogs, a bit of gardening, and some photography – Nature, not people! However, if a UFO lands in my backyard I am going to beg for a ride! Right now, I am packing like a crazy person as movers are coming on Tuesday. It is probably good I have this going on so I cannot totally think about what is going on with people in this country. If I get started on that totally I will not be ready when the moving guys get here. I have been thinking about relationships and this election. Some friends will stay friends even if we do not agree on politics because we do not spend huge amounts of time discussing it. Some will go by the wayside because once I find out that our values are really so different it is difficult to go on with it. It is the differences in core values that is the real problem.

  3. Royann Behrmann Says:

    I wish I could just go away into another world. I can’t I have to keep struggling in this one. Needless to say I am worried.

  4. Sam Sattler Says:

    I’m “receding,” too, at this point. Luckily I have several hundred unread books on hand, each with its own little world for me to get lost in…including “Bob,” which I’m almost done with. Even Chet’s world looks better than reality right now. At least I’ll only be there for another 50 pages or so, 🙂

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