4 Responses to “After the Peace”

  1. Uthayanan Says:

    At the moment while in lockdown with grief I try to fallow what you have said after : Meeting the Challenges of the Third Year of Grief
    with courage, perseverance, and strength.
    At the moment I need lot of peace, calm, patience with confidences.
    I think your knees getting better
    When there is lot of snow I have one more suggestion. Please use Nordic walking sticks.
    Take care

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      I have Pacer Poles, which have a hand grip I like. It’s easier on my wrists. I will take your advice and use them in the snow. For now, I am using a regular trekking pole when I go to work when it’s dry. It makes me feel safer walking in the dark. (It’s only two blocks on a fairly safe street).

      Being in lockdown with grief has to be hard. Are you allowed to go walking at all?

  2. Uthayanan Says:

    Thank you Pat. I walk every day 7/7 per week 365/365 per year in any circumstances except in case of illness. Walking is my antidepressants pill and to watch people around in every day life. Lockdown law enforcement allows to make exercise in one kilometer radius pour one hour. Otherwise usually I walk for 1h30 no stop. Apart from walking during my walking time I try to climb minimum 200+ steps up and down to do more exercises to cover 30 minutes.
    If I want to walk with the law I can make my shopping for essentials items. I am fortunate enough to have by 2-10 minutes walking distance 5 supermarkets and 5 organic supermarkets. To respect the lockdown I try make minimum shopping possible. With my grief naturally I do little cooking.
    As far as you are very a brave and intelligent women. For this reason I always try to suggest. With two sticks in snow if you have to defend yourself with a small agressif animal (a dog ) at least you can defend yourself.
    Even I know that you have already lots of brilliant ideas.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      Oh, good. I’m glad you’re able to get outside and walk. It is a good antidepressant and the only I ever found to get through grief. I appreciate your suggestions. And reminders. I tend not to carry the poles, so it’s good that you reminded me how important they are in the snow. I even have tips to put on the ends specifically for snow. I just have to go looking for them in my camping supplies.

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