It’s Alive!

I’ve never had a green thumb. Any indoor plant — and most outdoor plants — I ever had took one look at me and promptly expired, so a few months ago when a friend gifted me with a plant she’d grown from her mother’s purple passion plant, I accepted with an outward smile and an inward groan.

Luckily, she said it wouldn’t hurt her feelings if the plant didn’t make it, which made me feel a whole lot better. And also, luckily, the plant isn’t picky about being watered — once a week or thereabouts is all it needs.

Despite my benign neglect, the plant seems to like it here. It’s in front of southern window with a light curtain that I mostly keep closed, so the purple passion plant gets plenty of diffused sunlight.

Surprisingly, not only has the plant thrived, but whenever it gets too tall and stringy, I lop of the top of the plant and stick it in the pot, and that bit thrives, too. Because of this, it doesn’t have nature’s symmetry but a rather wild appearance.

But it’s alive, and that’s what counts. Or at least, I think it is.


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4 Responses to “It’s Alive!”

  1. Uthayanan Says:

    After reading simultaneously BBC and CNN from 3 November I was little afraid that democracy is still alive ?
    Of course It’s Alive !!
    If you never had a green thumb. Please just have some discussion with your neighbor who likes plants and a gardener around while walking.
    Last time while walking around the lac.
    I asked a gardener what’s the better way for watering plants.
    He has replied it is better water like floods in one time once in 3-5 or 7 days during the hot days for the big plants than every day.
    It helps the plant to have good and deep roots.
    I love all type of plans inside or outside by nature all plans lives outside.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      I watered every other day in the summer. It’s so hot and dry here that the soil doesn’t retain water. I’ll only water once a week for the new trees, though, so they can grow deep roots.

  2. Uthayanan Says:

    Thank you. I feel you are right. I have forget to say some thing. You plant color and your pot color were very beautiful.

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