Wasting My Author Mind

I’m reading a book that was published a couple of years before The Bob mess, and it gives me the willies since it could so easily reflect what’s happening today with the vaccine.

In the novel, a super-secret organization that is not government sanctioned but that uses the various alphabet agencies as cover for their dastardly deeds is trying to create a new hierarchy. In an effort to control the population, they are injecting people who rebel against this new hierarchy with nanotech implants that assemble themselves in their bodies and brains and turn the injected people into willing robots who will do anything in response to their handlers, even kill themselves.

Not that I think that’s happening in the real world today, but the point is that it could. As in the novel, some of the major players in The Bob mess are a multi-billionaire software mogul with a god complex, a whole stratum of the population that seems to want to remake the world in a way that is inimical to another swathe of the population, and way too many ways of spying on ordinary citizens (satellites, traffic cameras, phones in everyone’s hands).

What is missing in the fictional story is a pandemic and people who are trying to inoculate the whole world with a dubious vaccine. The vaccine might be dubious only in my own mind, but truly, who among us knows for absolute certain what all is in the injection they are so obviously foisting on us? And why, if they want everyone to get the vaccine, do they show commercials of people having needles stuck in their arms? So not a way to convince the needle-phobic to get the shot! Besides which, although they want us to believe that the vaccine protects us against delta and lambda and any other variation, vaccinated people are still getting sick from those as well as the original organism. Lambda is the scariest since it’s said to be able to work around the vaccine’s antibodies.

But what do I know? None of us know the truth of The Bob, the vaccine, the variants. All we know are what we are told by news organizations and political hacks, which might be the true truth, a semblance of the truth, or a wholly manufactured truth. All any of us can do is pick our truth. Although it might seem like it, in this essay, I’m not trying to peddle any brand of truth. Basically, I’m just playing author, combining the two stories — the novel I am reading and the story we’re being told about The Bob — and extending the scenario beyond the original premises as all good authors do.

There are certainly enough wild surmises out there to add plot twists to the story: The Bob being a result of “gain of function” experimentation gone wrong; the whole mess being instigated by a prominent population-reduction activist; the entire scenario being enacted for the purpose of inoculating the world’s population with some sort of chip or nanoconstruct; a dress rehearsal for some future nefarious plot to see what it takes to get us to do what they want us to do.

Instead of wasting my “author mind” on such far-out scenarios as these, I’d be better off trying to figure out some sort of world or a bunch of characters to play with that would carry me from book to book. Because if I were to write this story that’s currently writing itself in my mind, people would yawn at the very thought and put the book down (assuming they picked it up in the first place) with a “Bo-o-o-o-ring. Been there.”


What if God decided S/He didn’t like how the world turned out, and turned it over to a development company from the planet Xerxes for re-creation? Would you survive? Could you survive?

A fun book for not-so-fun times.

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8 Responses to “Wasting My Author Mind”

  1. Royann Behrmann Says:

    Loved this thought provoking article. I too have thought many of the same ideas. I wonder just how far we are in a similar vein. (hate the shot ads)

  2. Chelle B. Says:

    The propaganda is so thick it’s hard to breathe at this point. I’m not getting the shot because I can’t (I have mastocytosis and am allergic to vaccine ingredients) but even if I could I wouldn’t take this “vaccine” if you paid me a million dollars (which they’ve already tried doing to get people to take it – which should make people go HMM!).

  3. Uthayanan Says:

    Pat Please keep your author mind. Unfortunately I can’t read your books. Any books. I have bought 8-12 literature books the last 41 months but I keep it for later. I have vaccinated with Pfizer twice with the acceptance of m’y generalist doctor and to avoid French administrative complicated sanctions to move or live freely. Gladly in USA and France the freedom of expression exist with moderation. I avoid all social networks. Of course except your blog. Lot of countries have legal systems but no justice system. Sometimes after my soulmate departure I started to ask what is the truth?. But I can swear you try to write wise, meaningful, truthful writing to help all mankind in your gentle way. You must keep your author mind with all your freedom of thinking and it is your vocation too.

  4. Estragon Says:

    I can only imagine how, as a creator yourself you uniquely consume the work of other creators. In a past life as a marketer of creative work, I found myself stuck in my role as marketer, and unable to really understand or appreciate work purely as a consumer. It’s taken quite some time removed from the marketer role to get back to just being a consumer. A creator might find it even more of a challenge?

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      I was first and foremost a reader, though for a long time after Jeff died, I couldn’t bear to read so being able to read again has been good for me. So that’s not the problem. What is a problem is my expertise as an editor. I find myself editing books as I read, not just copyediting, but rewriting sections or eliminating whole chapters. Luckily, I am a good skimmer, so a lot of the mish-mash that needs to be edited out I do by skipping pages.

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