My Fruitful Summer

We are now officially into autumn, and where are the words I planned to write? Not in my head, not on paper. A Facebook friend emailed me the other day and asked if he could be part of the blog tour for my new book. All of a sudden it dawned on me that I have done no promotion for Daughter Am I, my young woman/old gangster coming of age tale. I’ve been so caught up in the edits, in making the book as perfect as possible, that I conveniently forgot that the finish line for one heat of the race is the starting line for another. To my dismay, I’ve discovered that getting published does not end the querying — I’ve spent the past few days trying to find bloggers willing to host my tour, and at the rate I’m going it will take many more days of querying to find enough hosts to make the tour interesting.

I did have a fruitful summer, though — I went to a u-pick cherry farm a mile down the road, (took pictures, have a great title for the photo essay, but the words to said essay are buried in the back cabinet of my brain with the rest of the words I’m not writing). I also picked plums — greengages — just a few yards from my house. Now that particular photo essay I managed to do while I was procrastinating on writing this discussion: Plum Tuckered.

Bear with me. There is a writing discussion in this.

All that fruit picking made me think that once upon a time food was free for the picking. Literally. That realization helped put me in my hero’s frame of mind — he is going to be living in the wild when I finally get back to my WIP. It also gave me a totem or token or symbol for the second part of the book (the token in the first part was a specific type of candy). And finally, it made me wonder about the use of fruit in stories. The only thing I remember about a certain book I read when young was a mention of greengages. “The children were sick from eating too many greengages.” That’s it. I don’t remember anything else — not the title, not the author, not the story.

So, has any fictional fruit made an impression on you? Eve’s apple, of course. Snow White’s apple. Apple sellers in the Depression era. Oranges in Victorian Christmas stories.

Has fruit ever played a part in anything you’ve written? Did you have a fruitful summer in any meaning of the word? What are you working on? How was your writing week? Did you accomplish what you wanted? Did you make any interesting discoveries? Did you have fun or was it a chore?

Let’s talk.

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5 Responses to “My Fruitful Summer”

  1. joylene Says:

    Let me know when I can host you again, Pat. I would be honoured to help promote Daughter Am I.

    Check with your local library for a booking read night. Is there an university nearby? That’s another great place to do a book reading. And don’t shy away from them. Readers actually come specifically to hear you read.

    Then there’s the bookstores and book signings. And any community events. I’m trying to think…. Which is hard to do when you feel braindead from so much packing. I’m still moving Grandma’s in, 2 weeks after the fact.

    Have you had a big poster done up? Hand out bookmarks. Stop by the newspapers and see who wants to do an interview. Is there a local writers’ group? Are they planning any events that you can

    Anyway, you probably already thought of all this. Still, if you need any help, yell.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      Joylene, I’ve added you to my list of blog hosts. Thank you! As for the rest — I live in a small relatively isolated area. I took books to the single bookstore, and I’ve been trying to do something going at the library, but I can never seem to get together with the librarian. As near to impossible as it is to sell fiction on the internet, that’s still my best hope. But for sure, if I need help, I’ll yell. I want people to read this book!!!

  2. JaxPop Says:

    I read the excerpt & want to (will) read the book. I don’t suppose I’d be much help down here in Florida but say the word.

    Fruit – The only time I can recall fruit being important is in the movie – The Godfather. Everytime oranges show up in a scene – someone’s gettin wacked real soon. The closest I ever got to fruit in my writing – the use of hot sauce (habanero pepper) as a weapon.

    Someone started a FaceBook fan club for me (has more ‘friends’ than my regular FB page) & FB has the Network Blogs link. Twitter also provides some great networking opportunities for authors (I haven’t used it yet). There are also blog radio interviews – I’ve listened to some &, depending on the interviewer (you can ALWAYS tell if they’ve read the book) they can be pretty good. I was interviewed once & it was tough trying to keep things on topic. They kept bringing up ‘living in Florida’. Wasn’t my fault they were up north freezing their butts off while it was in the high 70s here. Sheesh.

    Thanks for stopping by my humble blog (& Happy Bloggiversary). Have a great weekend.

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      JaxPop, I’ll add you to my list! I’ve heard that Twitter has good networking opportunities for authors, but I haven’t figured out how to use it to best advantage yet. I just post twits and tweets, but no one seems to read them except bots.

  3. Sheila Deeth Says:

    Not sure about fruit, though the farmer’s market has plenty on offer on Saturdays. As for my writing week, it felt like it had been totally unproductive till I actually looked back and saw I’d written stuff I’m even almost proud of.

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