Excerpt from Light Bringer — Ghost Town and Ghost Cat

No wonder Becka felt tired—it was still night. She was about to climb back into bed when she remembered what Luke had said about the setting moon illuminating the outlines of the houses where the white tribe had lived. Afraid of missing the phenomenon, she didn’t even take time to snatch a robe to throw over the long T-shirt she wore, but dashed to the front door, yanked it open, and stepped out onto the porch. 

Mouth hanging open, she stared at the town. By outlines, she’d thought Luke meant a faint tracing on the ground where the foundations had been, but this . . . this was a complete village, each exquisite stone house solidly visible. Though the stones weren’t uniform, they fit together snugly, like a miniature version of the megalithic ruins she’d seen in pictures of Cuzco. The roofs seemed to be made of rough wooden shingles, and the windows were covered with what appeared to be mats woven of dried grasses. 

Seeing the door of the nearest house open a crack, she froze. 

The door opened wider, and a sleek, hairless white cat with outsize ears and large slanted eyes sneaked outside. It looked around as though proud of its accomplishment, then sat back on its haunches and washed its face. 

A ghost cat?

Becka felt a giggle percolate to her throat. She tried to swallow her amusement, but a tiny gurgle escaped. 

The cat swiveled its head in her direction and focused its luminescent eyes on her. 

She gazed at the hairless creature, unable to look away. What is it they say about staring too long into the abyss? Make sure it isn’t staring back at you? 

She shivered, but still couldn’t avert her eyes. 

Suddenly, with one liquid motion, the cat sprang to its feet and streaked toward her. 

Light Bringer by Pat Bertram will be released in the spring of 2011 by Second Wind Publishing, LLC

2 Responses to “Excerpt from Light Bringer — Ghost Town and Ghost Cat”

  1. joylene Says:

    This is absolutely wonderful. I want more!

    Thanks, Pat. This was a delight to read, and what a tease you are!

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